Monday, April 12, 2010


There is currently a media feeding frenzy over so many inconsequential anecdotes related to THE SATURDAY NIGHT BLACK TEEN PLAZA RIOT. Once again, it's disappointing to see everyone miss the point.

Because of there is little diversity in local media and because TKC is one of the few people of color in Kansas City that doesn't have to answer to a white dude in regard to my writing . . . The essential element in this story isn't lost on me:


Again, it's important to note that this year's murder rate is comprised mostly of African-American victims who only receive a cursory mention when their lives are tragically cut short.

But when Black youth cause a ruckus at PF Chang's there is nearly a cry of panic among so many so-called journalists.

Now, because the Internet is comprised mostly of racist reactionaries it's important to note that I would never defend the actions of any violent rioters. However, awesome TKC TIPSTER FIRST PERSON REPORTS reveal that the racial aspect of the Saturday Night Riot has been misinterpreted by the public and misrepresented by so many in the media.

Furthermore, the night this story was first called into TKC, it's obvious that a great many of the youngsters caught in the hot mess were just as scared as some of the more panicky patrons of The Plaza.

The talk of Internet trends in this story deserves to be challenged just as strongly as contentions that the Ipad will one day rule the world.


Of course, the "flash mob" aspect is a great trend and novelty to add to the story but this cowtown has been scared of African-American youth as long as I can remember. Go and visit the rubble of Bannister Mall if you doubt my assertion.


Again, this story is only so sensational because teenage denizens of the Eastside encroached on the shopping district that was founded on racial covenants. The SOB Wired blog smartly hints at the "elitist" angle of reporting that is typified by The Kansas City Star.

So, while this story is noteworthy, it's also disappointing to admit that Kansas City lives in such fear. Frankly, I think so much liberal hand-wringing and reactionary hate is more reflective of surrounding suburbs (and maybe Brookside) than the real attitude of KC Proper. Still, I won't downplay the potential for violence should the PLAZA RIOT TREND PERSIST . . . Obviously, none of the youngsters hassling strangers have come into contact with the "Epic Beard Man" phenomenon . . . Yet again, The Kansas City, Missouri School District has failed its students by not at least offering a cursory lesson on Bernhard Goetz and the real world danger of stupidly screwing with strangers.

Nevertheless, as this thing has played out today the only thing that is certain is that Kansas City's media will only thoroughly investigate African-American violence when it affects white people.


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Bria Myles recently featured in King Magazine should makes us all just a bit more relaxed.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff T.

And you actually posted a black chick for once.

Anonymous said...

So you have finally started referring to yourself in the third person: Fail!

Anonymous said...

The only frenzy is the one inside your own head Tony.

TAS said...

Flash mobs aren't the problem. Plenty of white people manage to have flash mobs without property damage, robberies, fights, and assaults. The problem was that large numbers of young blacks congregated. Wherever that occurs, trouble will follow.

Anonymous said...

The Chief blog a day late. We already heard all that on the news Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Silly Mayor solution. Sit down and have a nice meal with my family. Pretty much like George Bush reaction to the 911 attacks sit down and read The Three Little Pigs. Good job nit wit Mayor.

Anonymous said...

It's you who has the problem and is making this a race thing. Same as you've done with other issues, that had nothing to do with the color of one's skin.

And I'm pretty sure the 'brothers' of COLOR don't consider a Mexican of 'color'.

Anonymous said...

Tony, you mention the many crime victims in this city, but who are the main perpetrators of those crimes?

Anonymous said...

I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who has been able to track Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking messages encouraging the Plaza Flash Mob to happen again in coming weeks?

Anonymous said...

TKC has a good point. But, black teenager should not be walking around acting like their mama never taught them manners. Fitting into White Stereo Types of Black does not help anyone.

Anonymous said...

it only proves what many of us think. tony you're wrong, the essential element in this story is not white media, the essential element is out of control kids. Yes they are black although that is generally not mentioned by the MSM covering this. You will find reporting much closer to the truth of the matter right here on your bloc. Stories of people harassed and race baited by these black kids have been described here. The truth is simple: black parent(s) are to blame for this. Not the city or the Plaza or the police. Lazy ass parents that let their teens out late with no supervision. Oh sure they will be cryin' on the news when a cop kills one that pulls a gun or knife on them (OH LORDY WHY DID THEY SHOOT MY BABY, HE ONLY WOUNDED A COP. And we (middle class white people) won't give a shit. Black people should be ASHAMED of how they let their children run around like that. I think arresting the kids and fining the parents is a great way to go. Pay the $500 fine in 10 days or do 10 days in county, their choice. Oh and while they are in county the state takes their obnoxious kids and puts them in reform school.

We are tired of these little thugs and their criminal behavior. If the cops don't take strong enough action this weekend there will be hell to pay.

If you of you parents are reading this (not likely as it would require a computer and internet connection) then know that the time for controlling your disrespectful wild ass children is at hand. If we have to do it for you there will be blood.

Anonymous said...

9:00 is 92% correct.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, you're getting on the media's case for covering the story.

Hi-fucking-larious, asshole, considering you're bigging up yourself for being the FIRST PERSON to carry EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE of the whole thing. I suppose when you make a big deal of it that isn't racist, but if any one else covers the big news story, it is.

Fucking hack. Hypocrite. Race-baiting. Tool.

Anonymous said...

black people. the lowest level of human.

Sean said...

There are no white people to blame for this! It was not whitey who cause people to act crazy and fight in public, to beat innocent people, to rob, to grope, to generally not follow simple societal rules!
Lets blame the right people. The people that did these horrible things and their parents!
I guess Mr Nichols has to take some blame for building a great place that is fun and relaxing, damn him. 9 pm is 94% right

Anonymous said...

Tony is right suburban white people are to blame because they're so easily scared.

I'll say true dat for myself.

Radioman KC said...

Honestly, I don't think racism as we intend it is completely a matter of color.

We need a better word. It's not about racism, it's about varied CULTURES. For Blacks, Negros, Darkies, Afro-Americans in MY NEIGHBORHOOD are very different than those who live at 16th and Monroe. As are those who live in England.

It's never been about color (colour) except in the minds of the simpletons who grew up in the American South, and near south.

Sadly, Missouri is the Near South.


I think that 9:00 guy had a lot of wisdom. I've said so even on my own blog when I suggest the KCSD's problem isn't about the school district but about parents and their screwed up kids.

Society expects us to be obedient, quiet, and fit in. The KCPD will assure that with their pepper spray, rubber bullets, metal bullets and overnights in jail so to hassle these kids' single moms.

Remember, these are the same ex-Iraqi soldiers who won't end a domestic disturbance without someone in handcuffs or a body bag!

Cops just don't go away quietly to let people settle their own problems. They'll bring in the Leawood SWAT TEAM and call you a
barracaded suspect' because they love to bring out their toys.

Lesson: don't call 9-11 until you've completely given up on your own ideas, or those of everyone you know, and want your local government to solve your problems in whatever way they decide!

(Keep in mind, your government usually uses guns (or maybe pepper spray if the newsmen are filming) and jails--the only two tools they have to offer for human problem-solving.)

Society keeps itself in control, one way or the other, no matter about other social injustices. The injustices aren't as important as the order. The Reich. The ORDER.

Joe Cox said...

We certainly don't agree on everything Tony, but I think that you and I are on the same page with this event.
The traditional media coverage of the occurence on Saturday is embarrasing and off track to say the least.
Nice work with getting the scoop on this.

Anonymous said...


So Tony is saying that groups of 900 teens regularly gather east of troost for mass fights and the media ignore it? Can anyone verify that statement? Or is Tony making shit up?

PFL0W said...

"it's obvious that a great many of the youngsters caught in the hot mess were just as scared as some of the more panicky patrons of The Plaza."

What ridicuolous bullshit.

And you can't even do the English right, either.

Anonymous said...

Agree Tony. Keep up the great work and the great writing.

Anonymous said...

Sean, you have certainly changed your tune since yesterday. Or maybe you just got smarter overnight. In any event, congrats! I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Tony comments on "the real world danger of stupidly screwing with strangers."

And yet he disregards that danger all the time.

We white folk would just as soon stick Tony with a shiv, because he clearly doesn't contribute anything positive to the dialogue, and he's clearly a piss-ant punk.

... but we don't, because we're not a pile of brown excrement.

Anonymous said...

Finally.......I knew all this was the Mans fault................thanks Tony.

Radioman KC said...

Swope Park.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we went to Swope a lot when I was in high school. Or they could go to that big vacant lot area by Riverfront Park. The City could provide a sound system.

Anonymous said...


That's because that's when crime begins to effect people that care about crime or a lack there of in their community. Don't forget the "Stop Snitchin'" shirts...

Anonymous said...

That Epic Beard Man shit is off the hook!

Anonymous said...

A sound system at Riverfront, or Swope Park?...what so they can play Gucci Mane all night.....all these rappers talk about nowadays is killin people, and sellin dope.... no wonder youth are out of control.

Anonymous said...

This blog is fucking awful.
I didn't even have to read it to know that. "Hot chick" photos with every post? Are you fucking kidding me?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like "hot chicks" maybe you shouldn't be here anyway!

Anonymous said...

T, please quit calling this a riot! It's a personal afront to the souls who actually _did_ riot for a cause in the 60's.

Anonymous said...

AHHH The Plaza WILL be the next Indian Springs if this stuff continues. Leave it to the young blacks to ruin a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, this needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP or it will turn into a race war and KC will lose the plaza, which in turn will kill whatever tourism this town has left.

And I completely agree that it has to do with parents. A person is a product of their environment and if you come from a poor, violent, tumultuous environment, you are likely to be a violent person. It is up to the parents to make a change.

I'm going to throw a blanket over this and say that most of these kids who did this do not have a good male role model in their life.

Police and judges need to be strict in their punishment of these vandals whenever this happens. It doesn't matter that they are black or white. If I saw ANYONE perform any of the said acts on ANYONE, I would put a world of hurt on them.

Its time to take our city back. Not from black people, white people, hispanic people or asian people. It is time to take it back from lawless behavior that has ruined places like Bannister Mall, Ward Parkway mall, Westport, etc. This has to end now.

And if you think that my post has racist undertones, you are retarded. Sure there are people who will use this as bullets against the black population in KC, but most of us are just concerned citizens who want to restore law and order to one of our cities greatest treasures.

ashleymoe said...

This is ridiculous. White people on the plaza are not scared of black people-- they're put off by mobs of people attacking them at random. It doesn't matter that these kids are black, it matters that they're attacking random, innocent people. Not everyone who goes to the plaza is rich. I go just to walk around.