Friday, November 13, 2009

Kansas City Politicos Flex For The Locals: TKC Weekly Power Rankings!!!

There wasn't a Council Session this week but that doesn't mean this town was without political maneuvers and crafty power plays from of local politicos.

To wit . . .



1. County Executive Mike Sanders - He's a genius next to Mayor Funky and I guess that's good enough.

2. Chris Moreno - This Hardcore Missori Democrat has connections all over this town and they're reflected in the local discourse.

3. State Rep. Jason Kander - His endorsement alone was enough to spark a candidacy and garner media coverage.

4. KC Political Consultant Kim Carlos - She is still keeping her fingers in a lot of pies and that's pretty sweet.

5. Beth Gottstein - This Council Lady has found her groove and now she's back working for her constituents.


1. DeAnn Smith - Did you see an interesting story this week on NBC Action News? It was probably hers.

2. Joyce Smith - For your information this lady knows way more than FYI stories.

3. Bill Grady - This Kansas City Radio Legend was all over the metro and beyond getting some of the latest breaking and harcore coverage in town.

4. Jack Harry - Officially ended all of the LJ talk and hand-wringing.

5. Eric Wesson - Most big Eastside stories start on his watch.


1. Holly Starr - She's everywhere and her cross promotional work is quickly earning her more fans.

2. Barclay Martin - His concert at the outset of the week earned a ton of fans and even more notoriety. He continues to make a solid name for himself in KC and beyond.

3. Jason Sudeikis - The SNL dude is coming back in town to light the Plaza and maybe make all of Overland Park proud with his two half-way decent impersonations.

4. Gloria Squitiro - Maybe the most rewarding game of hide and seek this cowtown has ever played. Hint: She's still following the Mayor around in Brooiksie and most other public functions.

5. Wayne Godsey - Why the hell not? The opinion of this KMBC top dog shapes the news more than anybody else.


1. Mike Burke - This week belonged to the Northland candidate, his fund raising and noise for his run at Mayor..

2. Sly James - Nobody has as much money to run for Mayor and there's STILL something to be said for that.

3. Janice Ellis - So far she has achieved the most consistent campaign of anyone currently running for Mayor. Credit her Mayoral billboard still adorning Broadway for this serious bid.

4. Albert Riederer - With so many candidates, folks are still begging this guy to jump in the race.

5. Mark Forsythe - Brookside residents holding their nose at "Sewer Jan" Marcason are already working on a "Draft Mark" campaign.

There you have it . . . Congratulations to the winners and better luck next time to all of the bags who don't yet have what it takes to make the list.

TKC NOTE: These TKC power rankings were created using a patented, data-driven methodology that includes but is not limited to media coverage, field surveys and Internet search analysis. Natch.


Anonymous said...

holy tits.

Anonymous said...

I would GLADLY watch family guy or the simpsons with holly starr (IF that's her REAL name) ANYDAY

Anonymous said...

What about Beth for Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Ellis, Riederer not candidates. Let's focus on Burke and James. The Funk will not be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Beth needs rehab first.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:07 a.m. -- what is the basis of your allegation?

Anonymous said...

Tony, the Janice Ellis billboard is on the west side of MAIN STREET between 39th Street and Armour Blvd, FYI!!! Yes, and it's been up there for almost three years now - since January, 2007! She must have paid out the old wahzoo for it!

Anonymous said...

Burke can't be mayor, too much baggage. His fund raiser was a flop. If it weren't for the people he paid to be there (Kim Carlos, Pat O'Neill, Steve Glorioso, Mary O'Halloran, etc), there would not have been a dozen people standing around. The Renaissance North representatives were there though.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not on this list?

Anonymous said...

Nice list! Spot on!

Anonymous said...

I have to give Eric Wesson another thumbs up because he has two excellent radio programs. Saturday he did an exclusive interview with the family that thinks they can sue the Power and Light District. Then he did another show later that morning with Kevin Battle. Great job. Maybe he can move up the list to number 4. He asked Kevin some really tough questions.

Anonymous said...

For the record: Wayne Godsey is a suburban johnson county troglophile. If the station weren't already in KCMO, I doubt he'd go east of metcalf.