Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Mayor Funky's "smart with the money" promises were betrayed once again and very few people are very surprised.

Even worse, his Chief of Staff Kendrick "Lazy Bones" Blackwood mumbled, stumbled and stammerd through an interview on the subject and could only remember a couple of clich├ęs his Dad might have taught him. Yes, that doofus makes $100k a year mostly due to some rather timely campaign donations by his dad early in Mayor Funky's political career.

There's more fodder on this story that still has a lot of unanswered questions:

  • The Star is finished reporting on City Hall now that they let go of DeAnn Smith. Today The Star ran the NBC Action News story on their site as "Breaking News" rather than doing their own reporting . . . Now they're mostly aggregating news just like a blog.

  • The Pricey Rug in Mayor Funky's office came from The Catalina Rug Company according to City Hall records . . . Catalina as in California . . . ONCE AGAIN MAYOR FUNKY REFUSES TO BUY LOCAL!!!

  • To The Funky Administration's credit . . . Word on the street is that they tried to get a rug from local museum for free . . . BUT NO MUSEUM WOULD GIVE THE POLITICALLY IRRELEVANT MAYOR A FREE RUG . . . MAYBE BECAUSE OF GLORIA SQUITIRO'S REPUTATION FOR GOING AROUND BAREFOOT!!!

  • And, again, the sad part here is that nobody is really shocked about the Mayor's incompetence and hypocrisy . . . It's not even a surprise anymore . . . Funkhouser sold out every single one of his campaign promises and all that's really left of his Administration is Squitiro's scary influence.

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    Anonymous said...

    U and Gloria's feet are weird.

    Anonymous said...

    They tried to get a rug for FREE?? WTF is wrong with them? And why new walnut floors? I saw that office when Barnes was there--it was nice--but not crazily expensive. And there was carpet--which was probably from a KC firm. I thought the city was supposed to buy American, buy locally...what's with the crazy extravagance.

    tony-parkville said...

    I wonder if Funk and Gloria have experience any Persian rug burns yet.

    Radioman KC said...

    Hell, If I'd have known, I'd have sold them a few of mine, circa 1938.

    But fact is, the only rugs I know you can by locally still are imports from the mideast or from the gypsies whose truck is parked at Metcalf South.

    You need to chill out Tony. You whine over little shit too much. Maybe you don't get out much, but NOT pressed wood furniture and NOT Chinese made rugs bought at Walmart are a bit pricey for your income. Maybe you don't get out much.

    Those of us who actually WORK and have lived here for eight or ten generations, actually have nice things and antiques handed down by our ancestors.

    I know, I know. When you fjord the Rio Grande, you probably don't bring much with you. That's probably a sense of pride, doing the "I braved the river, the INS and the Texas Sheriff and still made it!

    If you left your country because people were bein mass murdered, like the Germans, Viets, Jews and Soviets, fine.

    But your ilk left YOUR COUNTRY ONLY because you weren't willing to build your own country like we Americans did ours. You came because you wanted the free ride without having to build it.

    At least the blacks can say they were kidnapped and held down by oppressors. Mexicans came north because they weren't willing to pay their dues, build their own civilization! They waded across because they didn't want to work too hard. I've never figured out how they love their flag but aren't willing to work to make it something!

    Maybe there really IS a difference in the heartiness of English stock versus Spanish stock as they came over and conquered the new world natives.

    I'm not sure. But I'm way past the politically correctness crap that all sub-human cultures are equal, though different. Some clearly are more able to survive than others. Like it or not.

    Time for subcultures to get OVER THEMSELVES, especially the ones who can't survive. They need to assimilate, not stay separate.

    Separate but equal is an oxymoron.

    Anyone, anyone?

    Do you have some kind of self-appointed message quota to meet every day?

    Anonymous said...

    Radioman, SHUT THE FUCK UP!


    Quit crowding up this blog with your pathetic ramblings.

    Radioman is in love wiff TKC said...

    Radio man fuckin lost it. lolrz.
    What a weak mind you have my little transistor tube. You bitch about this blog, call it insignificant, say that the writing is crap, but you comment as much or more than anybody. Know what I think? You are in love with Tony. That's right, I said it. You love him. You have some homo erotic fantasy of TKC giving you a Dirty sanchez while wearing assless chaps, spurs, a sombrero, and a bandelera of snack cakes. You dream of being face down, ass up in TKC's basement, being fed a stuffed burrito while you sing Selenas greatest hits.

    Sophia said...


    You've said a lot of stupid shit here. But this is the first time I've wanted to smack you in the face. Are you fucking serious?

    Anyway... back to the subject of Tony's post. Agreed that Kendrick is weak. But not as weak as pretending to care that buying local matters when it comes to a damn rug.

    It's the mayor's office. I want it to look nice. They're not redecorating it every three months like a teenager. And it's bullshit to include the 40k building repair number as if it's discretionary.

    Radioman KC said...

    None of you whiners actually were willing to debate the points. Tells me you can't.

    You just don't like that I'm talking over your heads. ya know... you COULD pretend you didn't read my post. Then you wouldn't feel obligated to stick your foot into your mouth!

    When you don't think too WELL, then maybe you shouldn't think too MUCH!

    And don't talk unless you're sure of yourself, else you'll just make a fool of the past three posters have done. At least Sophie has a blog of his own. I haven't stopped by to see if he's smarter THERE than he is here. I certainly hope so!

    The others... well they're like illegal Mexicans... here for a free pass.

    Anonymous said...

    Radio fucker. I'm advising Tony to block you.

    Sophia said...


    I'm sincerely hoping that someone has hijacked your handle. You almost had me at Sophie with an "e." But then you've never confused me for a man before.

    Orphan of the Road said...

    Yeah right Radioman(??)

    The Mexicans were here when the US took their property ala Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

    Mexicans are primarily the natives who populated the lands long before the whites came. The Spanish enslaved them, took their culture and bastardized it into Catholicism.

    It was the Mexican/Indain culture, pre-1492, which far exceeded anything in Europe. Thousands of miles of paved roads, accurate calendars, nature subdued and controlled with hugh cities and agricultural projects not seen for a century after the boat people arrived. A lack of immunity to viral disease wiped out 90% of the native population (later it was intention, initially it was happenstance).

    Conquer? Only if you consider genocide and lies and theft a fair fight.

    The subhuman cultures would be European circa the 15th century.

    Build another strawman DB

    Tony (TKC) said...

    The other night I ordered takeout, and when I looked in the bag, saw
    they had included four sets of plastic silverware. In other words,
    someone at the restaurant packed my order, took a second to think
    about it, and then estimated that there must be at least four people
    eating to require such a large amount of food. Too bad I was eating by
    myself. There's nothing like being made to feel like a fat bastard
    before dinner

    Anonymous said...


    I thought you didn't read the anonymous comments. I thought you just "wheeled right past them." Guess not. Figures.

    inafunkaboutthefunk said...

    Sophia... are you the same lady (?) who used to dominate (or at least try to dominate) the now almost dormant (on all things Funkhouser at least) Gone Mild Blog??? I don't remember seeing so many of your comments on Tony's Blog. Have you found a new home???

    Anonymous said...

    Orphan of the Road...right on! Radioman must no longer work because of mental health issues and is one angry ass!

    Anonymous said...

    Are the crystals still on the windowsills of the mayor's office? Guess they didn't protect against the lawsuit. And what about Gloria's stained lace doilies? Still gracing the end tables?
    Such class(cough, cough).

    Ward said...

    "Do you have some kind of self-appointed message quota to meet every day?"

    Pot, meet kettle.

    Parrish said...

    Whoa, Radioman. You've lost me here.

    First off--eight or ten generations? Since 1809? Kansas City hasn't been here that long, and I would be interested if you could find a family that has been here locally in this part of Missouri since then. If you are talking US in general, you are hardly better off. Were your ancestors fighting the war of 1812? The majority of the country are immigrants from more recent decades.

    Second, that entire comment could have been put in the mouth of an Osage Indian. Remember them? We stole Missouri from them at gunpoint. I'm sure they would have preferred the white people to build their own civilization at home instead of stealing someone else's homeland.

    OR--the same could be put in the words of any Mexican . . . something like a third of this country was stolen and purchased (extorted) from Spanish America and Mexico. Ten generations ago, Missouri would have recently been part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, up until 1803 when it was sold back to the French and then to us via Jefferson/Napoleon.

    The implication is that Might (big money and big guns) makes Right. We are in the world that we are in, and things of this historical depth are irreparable, but we can at least understand their implications and discuss the events correctly.

    Unlike Tony, I don't throw the word "racism" around every five seconds, but your comment was terribly, terribly racist, and historically ignorant. My opinion of you has been neutral to this point--I don't read your blog, and I'm only familiar with you here--but what you said was very shocking.

    A final point: I am sure Tony was as pleased as punch that you put this piece of dynamite in his comments. You have made his day. Was that what you wanted to achieve?

    Anonymous said...

    Parrish- he is trying to achieve that which is impossible: relevance. I think Sophia may be on to something with the hijacked handle theory- Radionut has always been verbose, but beyond-the-pale (hehe) racism has not been a hallmark. Also the misuse of 'fjord' for crossing the Rio Grande doesn't seem like a mistake that would be made by the person who usually posts under that nick.