Monday, August 10, 2009


In August the KCMO murder rate gets serious and stops being a punchline, for the most part the dumb jokes stop and the people of this town get a little disturbed that so many people are dead on local streets.

To wit, KCPD Chief Corwin pleads with Kansas City to cooperate with police today.

"We need your cooperation

August traditionally has been one of the most violent months in our city. To stop this, we must work together. If you know something about a crime, please, please report it to us. It’s the only way to get violent offenders off the street."
Speaking of . . . Midtown Miscreant writes and epic post on the subject of local silence as well.
"The murder rate which is on pace for another record setting year, the shootings that occur with such frequency they no longer hold shock value. Complex problems devoid of easy answers. One thing is certain, the problem isn't going to get any better when 40 people are willing to clam up in order to preserve some moronic code they can't even claim as their own."
Amazing writing without question . . . And the forthright attitude from the Chief about the lack of cooperation the KCPD has yet to achieve is a brave move . . . But my guess is that these pleas aren't going to make much difference and the focus on the lack of cooperation with police in high crime communities from very well-intentioned folks might lead to reactionaries blaming the victims instead of looking for more effective solutions or the root cause of the problem.


Anonymous said...

The TIPS Hotline was around way before Alonzo Washington started being an egomaniac (it launched nationally in 1982). I love how he says the cops are using "his ideas" to solve crimes. Sure, Alonzo, you keep thinking that. Meanwhile nobody gets any reward money when they give your narcissistic ass a tip.

Anonymous said...

Wow Tony, it's awfully hard to play the race card when all people of the same race keeps their traps shut.

Radioman KC said...

Its just belated birth control. Once their boys grow up, the moms can't get AFDC. So what good are they?

Midtown Miscreant said...

Wow, R man thats a pretty douchie/? thing to say considering the victim was 2. What do you do for an encore tip over a paraplegic in his wheelchair.

Radioman KC said...

I know. You must realize, Bill Maher's my hero. I've been in an anti PC mood for a day or two. Fact is, Tony puts me in it. When its not him, its the health care industry, who I"ve decided are even worse than banks and contract security in Iraq.

The child was just collateral damage...and is clearly an example of the disrespect that culture has for life in some parts of town.

Something tells me the two year old shouldn't have been there in the first place. I know mine wouldn't have been there. What time of day did this happen anyway>?

SouthSideJ said...

RadioAss - seriously, a child can't be out on the front porch of her home at 8:00 in the evening? It's her fault?

Sophia said...


Have you considered shortwave radio broadcasting as a new hobby?

Anonymous said...

That's why it's called Killa City USA.