Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bloggy Allegation of the Day: Obama Plants Caught Faking It At Congressman Cleaver's Healthcare Town Hall?!?!?

Hey, here's a bloggy Healthcare debate rumor that's probably a complete fabrication:

"According to persons attending the Cleaver Town Hall Meeting, Washington-based Obama staffers were in attendance and impersonating local school teachers. In this guise, they would strike up conversations with baiting words about anger and socialism."
Also, the Mexican Chihuahua (really a rat) and Elvis were in the crowd calling Obama a socialist as well. I had a friend who talked to them. Now I have to write an e-mail to my girlfriend in Canada. How do I know this is made up? The premise is based on the fact that ANYBODY would care about a meeting in the Kansas City area. I've been to enough public meetings to realize that is never the case.


Raven said...

Thanks for the link Tony. After Talking with the source and obtaining permission, I have modified the story to include attribution and sources.

Anonymous said...

nice photo