Thursday, July 30, 2009


A special thanks to another new found AWESOME TKC TIPSTER who is probably one of the most politically connected people I know . . .

Here's the deal . . .


We'll see if the council dude comes up with the money and that's basically the bottom line on this one . . . It's simply a question of funding given that there is very little political will to keep Co-Mayor Funky or Co-Mayor Squitiro.

If this brand spanking new recall actually happens . . . The big money that will support the thing will make it move faster than the previous grass roots effort.

But the "secret" is out . . . Mayor Funky will continue to be a punching bag for the remainder of his term . . . From Joe Miller's tell-all to the tremendous amount of discovery from the Mammygate trial that might have been which will soon come to light (tomorrow). Funkhouser is now Kansas City's biggest target . . .

So, this newest latest recall is being sold as a way to make the time between now and the next election cycle more productive and the next Mayoral race even more interesting.

As always . . . It's just a question of seeing whether or not the money turns up.

I'm only wondering if their sales pitch is as interesting as Gisele Bundchen getting sessy For London Fog.

We'll see.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This recall effort will pass.

The New Reconstructionist said...

I am sure that there is a mandate. It would have happened last time if it were easier to find a person that was taking names. More media coverage of where names are being collected would be useful...Make some noise!

Anonymous said...

How did Funk vote on the gay vote today?

Anonymous said...

My ex-wife is a fucking gold digging bitch.

Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Funk voted to give the hate preacher the money

SOB said...

Will the people of KCMO FINALLY do the right thing?

I don't think so either.

Anonymous said...

Can the recall include the gutless city council members who bent over and took it up the ass from Tolbert and the rest of the black bigots today?

Anonymous said...

No kidding. Can the recall sweep the plate clean so we can get some city council members with a brain? It's like watching a bus full of retards fight over a bouncy ball. You never know what the hell is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for a recall if we get rid of the City Council, too. What a bunch of losers. And that includes Beth Gottstein who couldn't find her way out of a paper bag.

Radioman KC said...

Yes, it will pass. Like the gas you get every day Tony when you wonder how you can slam KCMO's government.

Did I tell ya... thanks for the plug yesterday. I check my analytics hoping for a serious spike but it only went up 13 hits from the day before. Either they already have my number or your readership's slipped down only to something less than the number of city hall employees who hate the boss too.

Why don't you just open a cubicle down there and get on the email system? And ya know, with today's technologies, they can read AWESOME's mail--both on the company account and on their hotmail through the browser, and trace the number and times of the phone calls to your place.

BTW, today's girl looks pretty good. Hope no doctor does to HER CHEST what one did to Michael Jackson's nose!

Sophia said...


I'm guessing they already had your number. You also might have noticed that TKC's endorsement was "go read this shitty blog." I shamefacedly count myself among the 13 who clicked through. I was curious to see if your blog was as bad as your comments. It was worse. I thought about commenting, but didn't want to encourage you. But since you've brought it up...


Anonymous said...

I want to wake up from the nightmare too but let it go for now. Mammygate is settled. Funk won the volunteer ordinance lawsuit. Move on. Let him mess up some real city business and build up grounds for unseating him during the next election.

Radioman KC said...

Dear Sophia...

You're like so many critics on the internet... easy to namecall, but always short on content.

What didn't you like about my blog, or my site?

You can't possibly dislike my SITE, its just great pictures and the US net's best links.

So you must not like my BLOG position. After we subtract the jokes which noone would find fault with except the Churchlady, what didn't you like about my positions?

I want health care fixed. I want broadcasting to be more balanced. I want individuals protected by the mob.

So what did I say that you didn't like? it's so easy to do cheap shots... anonymice do it all the time. But I have higher expectations of you.

I'm sorry you didn't write in my room. If you avoided the N word I would probably have left it there... which I wish TKC would do.

But Just saying 'ewwwwwww' isn't enough. If you CAN'T say WHY, then no one will take you seriously.

Well except for right wingers... they agree with anything that other right wingers propose.

The rest of us require REASON! So let's hear it! Just what don't you like about my progressive views?

Radioman KC said...

dammit Sophia... respond. I'm hoping youre not just an internet rodent, mostly an irritation.

I really AM open minded. Explain why American's shouldn't get to choose between insurance companies that refuse us if they don't like the treatment, and a medicare system that will just pay the bill if the doctor really orders it?

I shepherded both of my parents into the ground with Medicare, and the only insurance trouble they had was my mom's SUPPLIMENTAL insurance who refused. Medicare didn't. Had Medicare done it, she probably would have had the morphine to ease her into her death... but I had to fight their asses every step of the way.

My dad didn't have one of those things went more smoothly when he died. Fact is, the government does a much better job... they're not into profits.

I'm nearly Old enough for Medicare... I want the government involved for YOU, for my KIDS. I'm already nearly protected!

The only thing that pisses me off is insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies buying commercials with MY PREMIUMS to screw me.

And that really outrageous one, by the drug companies telling me to THANK Pat Robertson (R-KS) for selling out to his campaign contributions and voting for more profits to the big drug compananies.

If anything, it makes me want to stand in front of the Kansas Turnpike gate with a sign saying PLEEZE, vote AGAINST PAT ROBERTS, bribed by the drug companies and the big MILITARY CONTRACTORS... for looking the OTHER WAY when he was the CHAIRMAN of the GOP Senate Intelligence committee... when BUSH was saying Saddam had Weapons of Mass Distruction.

And he DIDN'T. And Roberts stayed DUTIFULLY QUIET.

I think he should go with Bush, and Cheney. And be tried for WAR CRIMES and EXECUTED like the Germans were after World War II! That should teach these Republican assholes to STFU and follow the law!

So what do you arrogant Republicans think of THAT????