Thursday, June 18, 2009

Amato Hangs On Somewhere Else

The Star: Former Kansas City Superintendent Anthony Amato will remain superintendent in Stockton, Calif., after an attempt to have him fired failed this week.

Nice to see that other School Districts value stability over deference to the elite. Still, I think he's going to be okay because KC is just finished paying him . . . We stopped paying, right?


elBryan said...

Amato was like the Mark Funkhouser of the school district... he initially rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and it prevented him from accomplishing much except wasting a bunch of district money.

I liked Amato and was frustrated when I heard they were firing him, but my mother worked for the district for 20 years and she left because of him.

Anonymous said...

then good thing she has you in her basement paying rent, eh, el?

Anonymous said...

Anthony Amato is a disaster. He is currently decimating our district of personnel that don't lick his boots, he has wasted 6 million dollars in non standards based curriculum and then lied about getting a waiver from the state, he has multitudes of new programs he's blowing money on but no real plans and he's completely supported by an asinine schoolboard. We don't have elite kids in our schools so it's not the elite seeking his dismissal. When we finally do kick his ass out of town, shall we send him back to you?