Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aim 4 Peace Progress: Made up stats!!!

Kansas City funded Aim 4 Peace issued a press release citing a number of murders they prevented . . . This dubious and unverifiable stat is being touted as progress.

Following this logic . . . I prevented both my own murder and that of a lady friend by not inviting over her ex-husband to prove that, in fact, she can do handstands in the nude.

I'm a hero like that . . .

I guess we can all sit around and make up stats all day (I think they call that blogging) but a simple fact remains that's going unreported in Aim 4 Peace propaganda:


Just an important piece of information in order to keep things in perspective while anti-crime groups are inventing their own benchmarks.


Anonymous said...

Aim4Peace has no impact on crime. Its another of the CM Office's money sucking programs. Give the money to KCPD.

Another Midtown Mom said...


Anonymous said...

To quote Ted Nugent, from his latest work: "Ted, White and Blue", No peace march ever saved a live. Not one.
The $600 large sweet baby Wayne gave em alst year can better be used by PD, catchin criminals and tazing street thugs.

Its no freeakin surprise that NOW - BUDGET TIME, they all gotta come out of teh wood work and justify their own existance.

Phuck em.
I can cure crime with one shot. That 124 grain, 9mm Luger cost me about 50-cents.

...come to my yard - no really!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

50 cents? You need to shop around, fool. Don't talk about wasting money then tell me that you are getting raped on ammo prices.

Anonymous said...

Total homicides by year: 2005,2006,2007,2008

2007 has 22 fewer homicides than the average of those 4 years.

Anonymous said...

How about thinking for your self and actually investigate claims. The stats are from a third party to keep it honest. Kudos for the QA efforts. Would be nice if all gov programs had to prove themselves!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, way to do your home work. You have no idea what your talking about,; just hating as usual...

Anonymous said...

Aim for Peace is useless. The grant money they got surely could have been better used by splitting it between the KCPD (so they can actually ahve enough officer's to respond to calls) and Abatement so there's somebody to pick up behind all the trashy people in this city that have no pride at all.

The only thing I've ever seen Aim For Peace do is instigate more crap. I used to live next door to a crime scene of a double murder (yet unsolved) the ranting and raving had died down. Then here comes Aim 4 Peace with their sign's and chanting "Stop The Violence, Aim 4 Peace" and stirred it all up again. Useless.

Just remember all the money that's been given to useless organizations in this city at election time.

Time for a whole new city council mayor included.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of wasted money in this city. Here's a new one (not so new) maybe Tony can help embarass this city into some action as promised.

Back in september public works dug up almost the entire block of eastbound 9th st. at Hardesty. They put up their usual orange cones and walked away. For a couple month's there was water running donw the street around the corner under the railroad bridge.

Nothing more happened. People driving eastbound on 9th were actually using the westbound lane due to the street being in such horrible shape. Part's were falling in. I called City Hall. I got lip service as usual lol go figure. But they did come out and put up some orange barrels. The barrels got mowed over. I calle city hall again right after i witnessed an almost head on collision. They came out and put more barrels up.

I finally called so many times I got a call from somebody in public works who said that the original crew who had dug it up hadn't actually found the water leak and so that's why they hadn't fixed the street. I said well it's falling in and I can tell you this, if it fall's all the way in while i'm driving on this mess, my first call won't be to 911. This guy said he understood and assured me that it would be on the priority list. That was over a month ago. Makes me wonder what a priority is in this city? Well the water leak got fixed but still the street is a horrible mess. With more chunks disappearing almost daily.

I wonder how big a priority it's gonna be when somebody comes down 9th street to that corner on an icy day (gee did they forget last winter already?) and slides into the railroad bridge killing themselves or one of their children and they get sued? Oh yeh silly me I forgot Kansas City loves to pay out on lawsuits.

I wonder who I should call next? What happened to Funkhousers promise to keep the streets in good repair? Isn't it about election time again?