Saturday, December 27, 2008


Sadly, Kansas City white people can't stop their love affair with gentrification.

Despite the crappy global economy, the failure of the Downtown Renaissance, Kansas City's condo collapse and so many local eateries going belly up . . . D-bags in this town are still atwitter over speculative real estate development like an ugly broad who actually expects to get a call back after giving it up on the first date.

“We really do anticipate the next wave,” said Bob Long, staff development specialist at Kansas City Development Corp. “Old Northeast really is the closest residential area to downtown. It has fabulous access to the interstate and excellent housing stock. It’s all a matter of how they position themselves and determine who is most likely to be interested in moving there and how to reach them.”
As usual, the article paid lip service to "diversity" but only managed to interview white people who are far too eager to push minorities and po'folk out of their homes for pennies on the dollar.

It's not that I'm opposed to people making a profit but the key to any gentrification ponzi scheme is to get rid of people on the lower end of an income scale by making them think and feel like their property isn't worth anything and they aren't wanted. Gentrification-loving-home-rehab-scumbags rarely want to pay market value, instead they only prey upon people in crisis or work with government collaboration to selectively enforce codes . . . It's class and racial warfare on an economic level. Nothing less.

Sadly, the idiots at The Star trumpet this kind of rip-off scheme as if it's the second coming and provide all of the PR. Meanwhile, very few people realize that it was ILLEGAL MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS who purchased houses in Northeast back when no one was interested, who opened and frequented stores in the Northeast when no one else would buy and have now created a vibrant community with a crime rate far lower than the Eastside. Instead of a simple "thank you" . . . The morally reprehensible supporters of even more gentrification in Kansas City are offering up their neighbors because they mistakenly believe that a neighborhood has to be white in order to be nice. If there is only one thing wrong with Kansas City - It's white people hoping and praying for gentrification on the Northeast who fail to acknowledge that illegal Mexicans are responsible for any financial gain they might make . . .

Luckily, the grand plans of development d-bags rarely work out in Kansas City. The Westside endured this same glut of foolish middle-class speculators wanting to buy cheap property and sell it at a huge markup . . . Now my neighborhood is littered with 400k homes & condos that rich white people don't want and po'folk can't afford.

It looks like the Northeast is next but any developer would be remiss if they didn't realize the reality of what transformed that neighborhood into a place where some opportunity might exist. Illegal Mexicans revived Northeast Kansas City without question and speculators anxious to cast them aside should consider that Kansas City's fickle white, middle-class home buyers already have a history of bailing out and can't be relied upon to contribute to a community; in fact, speculators in this situation are only good at using misleading PR to try and make a buck.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done T.

Midtown Miscreant said...

I put up a post during my urban blight series about this very subject. You need only drive down Indep. Ave. to see the change (positive) that has taken place over the last five years or so. Thriving businesses, fewer hookers, fewer blighted rundown pockets of homes. There is no denying this is almost 100 pct. credited to the ever growing hispanic community in the area.
Leawood it aint, but it's a hell of a lot better than I ever recall.

Anonymous said...

I guess the undocumented chili-shitters can continue to piss & moan about how bad whitey is, while taking his welfare, charity, and free medical care; or they could just load their asses back up in that stolen, repainted U-Haul and hump it on back to Villahermosa.

Remember San Jacinto!

Seriously...your continual whining is getting old. I don't mind some bitching about KC govt or society in general, and the killer-booty shots are downright enjoyable.

Please don't spoil it further by becoming the La Raza version of Barbara Streisand.


DKC said...

What the legal hispanics contribute: new business, home ownership, retail spending. What the illegals contribute: driving without license or insurance, leaving the scene of accidents, living 18 to a room, burglary instead of industry.

Anonymous said...

DKC is full of caca, that is a comment to appeal to the likes of the Minutemen. Without Immigrants legal or otherwise, NE.KC, KCKC would be urban blight.

Just remember whatever you touch/eat and immigrant touched first.

Anonymous said...

undocumented chili-shitters


You suck Tony, immigrants go home.

tara the tart said...

Hey ANON 12/27/2008 03:39:00 PM
we might miss you when you leave. Look up AZTECA!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Got it. The equation is darker skin + speaks spanish = must be in the U.S. illegally. Being a bigot is cool! Tony said it's ok! He's Hispanic, he knows! Yay!