Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kickass Crematia Mortem Interview!!!

Longtime Late Night Kansas City TV watchers will probably go ga-ga over this interview with a local broadcasting legend just like I did.

Not only does this interview appeal to me because it provides a glimpse into KC TV History but also because Crematia Mortem was one of the first white broads I ever had a crush on . . . And it's conducted by a basement video blogger no less.

Yeah, this is one of those links that I really don't care if anybody else likes because it represents one of the few aspects of this town's culture that's not only kickass but mostly devoid of corruption.


not jose conseco and mark mcguire either said...

Things were so much more innocent and sweet back then.
Kids today would be like, "fuck this noise...let's watch the Bangbrothers Bangbus videos."
Speaking of which, have you guys been having trouble logging on to the site today?

Todd Epp said...


Whatever happened to Uncle Ed Muscare of KSHB "All Night Live" fame. I had my own man crush on Uncle Ed. I thought he was a freakin' comic genius and never understood why he didn't go on to get a national gig.

Todd Epp
Kansas Watch

Anonymous said...

Who played her? Still a great set after all these years!

Anonymous said...

Bring Crematia Mortem back on the air!

Lets start a petition.

"The D" said...

I think that is Kathy Quinn from Fox 4 news.

Years ago (1980's) she used to be with KSHB when it was an independents station.

But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not Kathy Quinn - it's Roberta Solomon, who - at the time she played Crematia - had a day job at the old KMBR FM radio. She's now a very successful freelance talent. You hear her on any number of commercials. Roberta is also one of the voices on Channel 19. A very talented woman.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ed got his banana phone crosswise with some kid - hence the reason he never attained national stardom. Perverted, but he was funny as hell. Was in college with Roberta - always was a hoot and has a great voice.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Crematia do the show barefoot?