Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama Carries Missouri AND Kansas!!!

Actually, right now (12:30 a.m.) no one is exactly sure if Obama won Missouri, but I endorsed him so I'll just go ahead and claim that he did. Also, the headline matches the photo far better than simply reporting a lopsided Obama victory in Kansas.

As usual, KANSAS CITY POLLING PLACES WERE A MESS!!! I can understand Kansas being unprepared for the high turnout but Kansas City Proper polling places are consistently sloppy in dealing with an election in which more than a few are interested.

At my polling station there were a significant number of folks shut out and it just didn't seem like the people working were interested in doing their job, understandable given that all of this excitement rarely leads to any real progress, STILL it's nice to go through the motions efficiently.

And while I'm pleased with the outcome I predicted, I think the days of Missouri as a bellwether state are over. Hillary's win in California seems far more important than anything happening in the flyover states. Sad that Obama's "Si, se puede" message didn't resonate with Latinos who are far more bigoted than your favorite blogger TKC.

And while I don't have any grand conclusions about the election results I will note that the grassroots support and street level excitement for Obama was a good sign that people in Kansas City proper are still desperately hoping to put their faith in a candidate even after being disappointed time and again.

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    Anonymous said...

    And just why are we supposed to care what bloggers think?

    Anonymous said...

    Sweet Jesus! I care what she thinks!

    Anonymous said...

    I don't give a fuck what you or your douchebag blogger schoolgirl bullshit club thought of the election Tony. I do however know that Obama is the only widely electable democrat running. I would like to support Hillary, and indeed my wife did, but the reality is that she'll get ramrodded by the conservatives in the general election and we'll be stuck with the antiscience tard Huckabee.

    So it'll be like 4 years of Jesus' retarded cousin in the whitehouse. Huckabee needs a bumper sticker that says, "Liked the Taliban? You'll love Huckabee; The Christian Taliban!"

    Anonymous said...

    Oh, and by the way, I voted without a single problem. So I don't know the dumb fucks who had problems with the "mess" but they sound too fucking stupid to vote and should stick to watching simple game shows.

    Phil said...

    Obama can't win.

    Looks like four more years of Republican Rule.

    Anonymous said...

    Mac is back, baby!

    Anonymous said...

    Oh my God I want to dive in those things and do laps all day.

    Spencer said...

    Must be Funky's fault.

    Carlito of KC said...

    I'd vote for her.

    Anonymous said...

    Another minority headline news for Tony.