Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The bright side of Sprint Layoffs: More professional white women on the pole!!!

I know I've made this point before but it's worth repeating . . . A lot of people may be making doom and gloom predictions but things aren't completely horrible despite the bad news.

Sprint plans layoffs, may roll-up Virginia HQs

Yeah, the displaced executives that might be coming to the area will probably mean even more managers out of a job in Kansas City but then we're still talking about the trickle down effect taking hold (kinky and sessy!!!) . . . The mid-level executives out of a job are bound to find work somewhere and this just might mean fresh new faces at local strip clubs in order to make ends meet and because telcom jobs aren't that easy to find in JoCo. Expect the "transition" to be even quicker if we're talking about working mothers.

Keep your chin up people of Kansas City . . . It gives people somewhere to aim.

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thepaintman said...

Once again their filtering out the bad employees. You know them , the ones who like to surf the internet while at work.