Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just the beginning of Kansas City's Downtown parking disaster

Steve Penn writes: "On Nov. 19, the city’s Parking Services Division took over parking enforcement downtown, replacing the Police Department’s traffic enforcement crews." Long term: If KC's downtown renaissance pipe-dreams elicit even a modicum of new traffic, KC will be there to profit from inevitable increase in tickets. Essentially, this is good news but doesn't compare to the revenue which will be generated by the upcoming piracy that parking lot owners will be able to enforce without much regulation. Increased public transportation (for all of you po'folk) would be a welcomed solution . . . If anybody used it. In the meantime, Kansas City will continue to run around in circles and waste time considering impractical light rail schemes.


Anonymous said...

I cna't believe you're still holding onto your hope for downtown parking problems when everyone else has already conceded the fact that they simply do not exist.

Tony said...

The problems are there, they just haven't been reported (widely) yet.

Don't believe all the propaganda the mainstream media feeds you.

Also, thanks for reading!


ryan said...

They haven't been and never will be reported (widely) because they do not exist except in your head. Fact: parking is abundant and cheap in downtown KC, and using the amount of parking as an economic health indicator, there is *far* too much of it. If JoCo soccer moms can't find a place to park downtown, it's because their brains aren't functioning correctly after being acclimated parking in a vast ocean of spaces at the Wal-Mart.

Tony said...

Yeah, it's not like KC is trying to lure people from JoCo at all. Right?

Anonymous said...

What does JoCo have anything to do with it? I'm at a loss to understand how parking downtown, which is used primarily by people working and living downtown, has anything to do with homeless fucks or people from JoCo.

I live downtown. Had no issues finding parking on my street during any of the 58 events held recently at the Sprint Center.

Had no problems finding parking by City Hall or the County Courthouse.

Had no problems finding parking at a restaurant downtown.

Maybe, instead of blowing smoke out of your ass, Tony or any other dumb fucker who pretends to know more than they do, you actually listen to the people who live downtown and know just what the hell is going on.

So, I'll make it clear: If you can't find a parking spot downtown, you are too fucking stupid to be driving.

Anonymous said...

Especially considering that during some of the concerts I actually saw some of thee garages MARK DOWN their prices (one to just $2!) because none of them were filling up and they were desperate for any business they could get.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Kansas City until meters are gone!