Friday, August 17, 2007


Former Council woman Saundra McFadden-Weaver was found guilty yesterday but she still managed to go out classy by invoking the Bible:

Saundra McFadden-Weaver was convicted on all counts - one charge of conspiracy and six charges of wire fraud. She said she was surprised by the verdicts but is prepared for whatever comes next.

"I believe in something written in my favorite book - 'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,''' said McFadden-Weaver, who is a minister. "I'm prepared for wherever my journey takes me.''
And this embarrassing conviction should teach KC Council People to obey the law (!!!) . . . For at least maybe five years until the next councilman is inevitably convicted on something or other. Actually, I'm pretty unimpressed with the whole thing given the questionable mortgages seem to be the rampant and part of what's driving this country into a recession. And while I don't want to defend McFadden-Weaver one bit . . . In order to garner some perspective on the whole thing I will note that's it's just a little funny considering that subprime lenders have put this nation's economy in serious jeopardy and some little known cowtown council woman is probably the only recent, local example we have of somebody going to jail for their illegal mortgage-y activities. On the other hand, I think there's some chance that Kathryn Shield's will beat her case. It's important to always look for the bright side . . . I guess.

TKC is in a retro kind of mood. TKC vaugely remembers the S&L Scandal.

Also, one of the awesome TKC tipsters reminds me that it's a matter of public record that Mayor Funkhouser has refinanced his home numerous times recently in addition to the fact that half of the people I know have played Funky games with their mortgages in order to get some much needed cash or whatever . . . So, it's not exactly like folks can be too aghast at a Councilperson getting caught up in a mortgage scheme . . . I've always thought that the only really offensive thing about this case was the fact that she claimed ignorance as a defense. And that doesn't give me much confidence at all in the Council that presided over the foundation of the Sprint Center and Electric Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Pleading ignorance is not difficult for a city council whose collective IQs would be lucky to average room temperature.

There is a lesson here however that lying on a loan application should not be taken lightly.

If I were her I would throw myself at the mercy of the court and beg not to be sent to the same prison as Katheryn Shields.

By Rights said...

Good riddance.

How long before she writes a book and claims the whole thing was a "conspiracy" because she was black?

She'll be on Oprah in no time.

Anonymous said...

wow @ the photo. You maybe stepping over the line invoking Aunt Jemima to describe a former black councilmember. Please take it down before I deem you an ignorant bigot.

howYOUdoin! said...

I'm kind of hungry for pancakes now. I think I will go put the chicken back in the fridge.

Anonymous said...

she can recite all that she can from the Bible.
Too bad she can't live by it.

Tony, dont councilpersons receive around $60,000 a year? McFadden-Weaver wanted to be a big spender just like ex-con Carol Coe.

Anonymous said...

at least she isnt sueing jcpennys and independence police. they show them on tv picketing jcpennys with her young daughter whats that teaching her. no wonder they want handouts and have chips on there shoulders. then she claims jcpennys is racial profiling so it go to show you how greedy some blacks are

Anonymous said...

LOL you are really stupid (poster at 8:56 8/19) no wonder your mother didn't let you finish 1st grade..with a stupid remark about how greedy some blacks are.That is a comment only a true red bruised neck could have made while drinking out of a jelly jar. So much for white power..or is it powder?