Friday, June 29, 2007

Kansas City Mayor to the Latino Community: Funk you!!!

All right, I'm gonna make this short and sweet because I've covered this story as if it was the second coming.

  • Mayor Funkhouser stood his ground. As I sat in the balcony of the place I was just amazed at what a difference a few months and winning a narrow victory makes. Earlier in the year he came to the exact same spot and told Latinos in Kansas City he would listen to their issues . . . On this topic he simply said he wasn't going to change his mind and then looked bored as people from the Latino community expressed their concerns.

  • The best part of the story is covered by The Star: The Mayor's wife felt he needed police protection for the Westside Latino event and another previous engagement in "The Black part of town," apparently the only place the Mayor's people think he's safe is the Northland. This is just sad for two reasons 1.) Once again it highlights the talk of nepotism at City Hall because nobody elected that lady, her role is not clearly defined and she's making personal requests of top police officials - Her behavior is unprecedented as far as the spouses of past KC Mayor's go and her influence obviously runs deep. 2.) I've been on this blog typing that Mayor Funky doesn't know the first thing about minority communities in Kansas City since before the guy was elected - The fact that the Mayor's Administration thinks he needs bodyguards when he comes to our community and not in the Northland shows their elitist and hypocritical thinking. Clearly the guy was posing when he initially refused police protection. As far as the slight to the minority communities he has talked to, it's nothing I didn't suspect before but he really should have just taken the bodyguards in the first place instead of pretending he didn't need them . . . Once again this either demonstrates the horrible advice the guy is getting or his stubbornnesses.

  • It was nice to see the Latino Community united . . . This time around it wasn't just the leadership but people from the neighborhood who came to speak (plead) with the Mayor to reconsider his endorsement of a hate group. By the way, auto shop owner Charlie Lona is one of my new heroes. There wasn't any talk of immigration or amnesty or any of the buzz words that rile up the white people who listen to talk radio. Nope, it was just a number of pleas from Latinos to their mayor about the de facto endorsement of a hate group which were subsequently ignored.

  • Money line from The Mayor: "If this is your number one issue, you're entitled to it and if you want to talk about this for the next four years you're entitled to it." Obviously yet another sign that he doesn't know minorities in this town and especially the Latino Community. My Grandmother is still yelling at me for chair I broke in 1979. My 83 year-old barber still reminds me of the times I sang my kindergarten songs in his shop. Mexican-Americans have long, long memories. I'm assuming the guy is going to find more votes somewhere else because I know these people and they really can hold a grudge.

  • Small point here: There is no division in the Latino Community in KC Proper about this one . . . From what I witnessed and even from a couple of people I've talked to in Northeast . . . The only Latinos standing behind Funkhouser on this issue are those who stand to benefit personally. And that's cool, I know that I'd gladly cash in my credibility (If I had any) for a little bit of coin or a cushy position . . . Sadly, no one has offered. Still, it's hard to argue that anybody deserves a pat on the back just for looking out for their personal interests . . . Now the ability to juggle or play the harpsichord, THAT takes talent and deserves admiration.

  • The entire thing is going to be rebroadcast on Channel 2 if that kind of thing is your bag, baby.

    AeroSquid said...

    the illegal alien section of KC has a lower crime rate than the uber rich northland?

    i'd have me some bodyguards too lol

    Mark said...


    I agree the police protection is beyond the pale. Is no one in that administration smart enough to figure out that if someone wants to get violent they're going to do so when the opportunity presents itself? The only time I've felt I need protection on the West Side is trying to cross Southwest Boulevard in front of the Tacqueria without getting run down by someone doing 70mph.

    By the way the crack about your grandmother still mad about the broken chair made me laugh out loud.

    Anonymous said...

    Typical politician as far as I can tell.

    I heard him defending the bodyguards today but what he didn't say was that his wife did not make a special request when he went to the Northland and that is the difference people are noticing.

    The Eastside never wanted the Funk.

    Anonymous said...

    its amazing that the puppet master of la raza was quiet about this. wonder why rita wasnt there mouthing off and looking like a complete idiot. kudos for funky not being bullyed into something he doesnt believe in. from what i saw on tv last night there was one hispanic told funk to cum on and let rumble over this. typical funk has stated that if selmer miss behaves on the board he will ask for her resignation but evidently thats not good enough for the west side.

    Anonymous said...

    You fucking Mexicans need to go back home and stop demanding rights you haven't earned from people in this country. THe mayor can appoint anyone he wants and you wetbacks don't have any thing to say about it because you cannot vote.


    La Raza are the real racists.

    Anonymous said...

    La Raza = Traitor.

    Anonymous said...

    Beaners boo hoo but if I lived in Kansas City I'd vote for Funkhouser again and again

    Anonymous said...

    What the hell can this one person do, even if she belongs to a "hate group" (which is the kind of loaded propaganda phase that I have come to expect from Tony the Racist).

    Do you think they are going to outlaw burritos in park shelters or something?

    I think the mayor is kindly telling you to get over this almost meaningless appointment and get down to some concrete issues that KCMO can do something about.

    This issue is one of those lame ass morality causes that idiots pay attention to. Abortion, immigration, gay marriage, all of it is fairly meaningless to the day to day function of govt.

    But morons take up the cause. Come on, this is politics; we all know what kind of people most politicians are. Get over it and start asking for things your community needs, rather then sabotaging the mayor by sabotaging yourselves.

    Judge the guy by the results. If anyone ever lets him do anything besides talk to the press about fucking cars and border patrolling groups maybe he could fucking do something.

    Tony the Racist needs to get off his morality horse and stop trying to sabotage this man so that Tony the Racist can get the minority candidate he masturbates over into power…

    That’s what it is about isn’t it Tony the Racist? Can’t trust em unless they are brown eh?

    Just another self absorbed racist grandstanding for any attention you can get.

    Anonymous said...

    I really find your blog quite funny, but (not that it would bother you) I am not interested coming to your site anymore.

    You are the racist and I am embarrassed for you and myself. I am embarrassed because I once thought you were intelligent. I am embarrassed for you, because you obviously think you are and sadly you aren't.

    Anonymous said...

    The only ppl who are racist are the ones who come to this blog and choose to ignore the REALITY of which only Tony dares to talk about.

    Anonymous said...

    Funk's WIFE calls the POLICE CHEIF and asks for police protection when only going to minority areas of the city. HELLO? How is that not a horribly wrong picture? How many people will this mayor offend? How can Funk be soo disconnected with such a large portion of this city?

    Anonymous said...

    Where's ICE when you need em? Could have had a hay day at the meeting.

    Anonymous said...

    The only ppl who are racist are the ones who come to this blog and choose to ignore the REALITY of which only Tony dares to talk about.
    ...I don't think I am a racist, but I sure do hate dumb people. So perhaps I am.
    This site isn't REALITY - it is an opinion site for humor. Go ahead and get back to eating your paste and watching t.v. I only hope you are wearing depends so when you crap yourself, it is easier to clean up.

    Anonymous said...

    Legal Hispanic said:

    Hey Anonymous 09:41; pipe it down.

    Let's see... All mayors prior to Funkhouser carried around two bodyguards at all times. Funhouser's KCPD detachment yesterday was: 2 KCPD officers, and he was tactful enough to ensure that one was familiar to the community. He could have had any two, but according to the story, his "escort" was not more than what Kay Barnes would have taken to a meeting with Waldo residents.

    I've been to the Southwest, and instead of addressing real problems, like infrastructure, crime (there was a rape of a minor some months ago and the culprit, supposedly a Latino, has yet to be identified), services for citizens and legal residents; these yayhoos, decide to pick up the red meat issue of a senior citizen who supports a group that opposes, now say this after me, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. This on a day in which the star reported a 19 year sentence to a latino gangbanger who killed, what else, another Latino youth. But hey, I guess those folks in the Southwest think that MS-13, the Surenos, "La EME" and the rest of the ethnic criminals are part of the community and must be sheltered from la migra.

    The fact is that the "Latinatti" and the COHO Cohort were all in a tizzy because the Modelos (piss water beer), the Coronas (even worse piss water) and the Pacificos (much better beer) had to be taken out of the coolers and the Amnesty vote celebration turned into a Fume-n-cuss event.

    Most Hispanics, those who have decided that the country of our forebears never did anything for their people but screw them three ways from sunday, and have decided that we are Americans of Hispanic origins, are full of indignation by the selfish imposition of anywhere from twelve to thirty million gate crashers who on top of crashing the party want to have us give them the keys to the liquor cabinet.

    Most American citizens and voters, are more in agreement with Funkhouser and Semler than with the racialist attituddes of those who consider themselves direct descendants of the Aztecs as if extolling the virtues of a race of folks who engaged in bloody rituals that were barbarous at best and could even be considered ethnic cleansing at worst.

    I'm sure that a few of the most ticked off cuacos there visualized themselves on top of a Pyramid with Funk's beating heart in their hand. Such is the mindset of this community.

    And as Fierro, a Latino community leader stated when offered the board's presidency, he backed Alvin Brooks. But, hey, nobody says anything about a man big enough to extend an important post to someone who didn't earn preferential political treatment. I don't remember Kay Barnes or Emanuel Cleaver being quite that fair.

    Tony, I hope the Latinatti continue to make gargantuan asses out of themselves. They may flood the streets with bodies, but they have a hard time being an electoral force. Their actions might just galvanize the voters in the upcoming 2008 election to get out of their barcolounger and vote.

    Anonymous said...

    he listened to the screaming latino community- he just didnt bend over for them. This is a stupid issue for them to go balls to the wall. They are just holding up real discussions about real things. I think they are being used by people that want the shit in this town to stay the same. BOO> find an important issue and make some change. get off the old lady on the parks board and get to work.

    Anonymous said...

    I voted for Funk, but geez. It seems like his wife has had a hand in every flub he's made so far - getting her fanatical friend on the parks board, the car, ordering body guards (in a racist-looking fashion).

    I really think that she's probably a nice woman who means well, but can she not see that she is leaving disasters in her wake everywhere she goes and making things difficult for her husband and, worst of all, interfering with his job of getting things done for the city.

    It will be interesting to see if she continues to put herself and her wants #1 or if she can step back and see that she needs to step back for the good of her husband and the city? I think if she is truly honest with herself, she will see what the right choice is. But I'm really skeptical that that will happen. I think she will continue to delude herself that it's just political enemies out to get them, and she will deny the truth: that her actions are starting to put off supporters as well - not because of any spin, just because her actions just plain look bad.

    Of course, Funk bears the ultimate responsibility for her actions at city hall and for his own decisions. He's a big boy, and he's the one that has encouraged her involvement. Sadly, I don't see him kicking her out on his own. The decision will be hers.

    Anonymous said...

    You guys could put Jesus Christ Himself in the Mayor's office and still find stuff to complain about.

    If you don't like it, then move or vote for someone else in the next election.

    I opt for you moving...south...nope a little farther south...nope keep going...

    Anonymous said...

    anonymous 11:32AM,

    Rest assured we will vote for somebody else next election. Funk is one and done. The earliest lame duck in KC political history. He has no political clout left whatsoever. The monied powerbrokers are scattering like rats leaving the sinking ship. He (or more importantly Gloria) is done. You heard it here first.

    Midtown Mom said...

    "wonder why rita wasnt there mouthing off and looking like a complete idiot"

    Rita did speak you hypocritical dumbass and she said the exact same things that she had said previously.

    Looks like there are some typical minutmen bigots posting here. Its funny that everyone in that event was legal, but that doesn't matter to the minutemen, afterall they are down for illegally harassing all people with brown skin that look latino. It's funny that everyone there has been there before any of these dumbasses posting where even a boner.

    KC Hispanic, before you went into your typical jazz about immigration, you defended the Mayor about the protection. You are right that the previous Mayors did have protection. Where you are wrong is the fact that this Mayor, or his wife, picks and chooses his protection. He didn't have protection in the Northland at any events I attended. Same with Midtown less "urban" communities (we know what I mean by that).

    Midtown Mom said...

    Looks like there are some typical minutmen bigots posting here. Its funny that everyone in that event was legal, but that doesn't matter to the minutemen, afterall they are down for illegally harassing all people with brown skin that look latino. It's funny that everyone at that meeting have been here in KC before any of these dumbasses posting where even a boner

    Anonymous said...

    All of you pansy ass America haters -feel free to leave the country.

    What? You don't want to? You would rather piss and moan than do anything else.

    That's right, because America is better than any place else. And if you don't agree, then move!

    Anonymous said...

    Legal Hispanic said:

    Midtown Mom, get real. At least get my name right. That should be a clear indicator of your incisive and penetrating intelect. You completely missed the point. Funk-man took the same number of escort that Cleaver or Barnes would have taken to Crown Center or the Plaza. Had he taken half a platoon of swat troops, then you might have some standing to bleat your bitching. You dunderheads feel slighted because he didn't take the escorts to the northland? BFD!!! So his wife made him do it. Not much different than wearing a horrid tie she chose for any given event.

    The Latino chieftains have decided to gnaw on this bone til it breaks or it poisons them. The whole city is watching as Rita and the rest of the "Caciques" of the Southwest Blvd. continue and persist in shooting themselves in the foot.

    aS to all the participants being legal, that may have been due to the limmited number of participants. industries like bodyshops have a long history of using illegal alie nlabor to drive down costs without impacting the price paid by the consumer.

    By the way, I'm pretty sure that I was a boner before you were one.

    Anonymous said...

    midtown mom said:
    ts funny that everyone in that event was legal, but that doesn't matter to the minutemen,

    It was a public event held at the Guadeloupe center in the heart of the Hispanic community in KC. It was open to the public.

    How can you make an assertion that everyone there was legal? I can't even make that assertion about a crowd of people on a streetcorner, much less a crowd of people at the center of the legal, illegal, and migrant latino communities in KC.

    Anonymous said...

    From a Westside Mother: TO RITA & HER SON : you should be ashamed of yourselves for the tactics you have stooped to. WE should be focusing on the increased crime, (drive by shootings,burglaries) and how we can improve the Westside Community. WE should be apart of the solution NOT the problem. It is a shame that a handful of people feel that they should speak on behalf of the entire Westside Community, because not all residents have the same opinions as those that have been expressed. And as far as thinking Charlie Lona is a HERO, he was an embarrassment & a disgrace to the community. We are in the 21st Century, and his antics DONT WORK, this is a New Day & A New Age. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey 2:51, sellout much? Or are you working with Funk administration too?

    Anonymous said...

    U rock!

    Jake son said...

    Tony please take your meds and get off the Mayor's back. Have you liked on thing the Mayor has done? Have you supported him one bit? Get a grip and a clue, stop your hatin.

    Anonymous said...

    Its way blown over and like many others have said the Westside is going to be left in the dust when this is over. And then all who rose a stank about something minor will be trying to Kiss ass to make up for what a bullshit, lame-ass & poorly organized fight this was. Oh yeah, and where was the director or person in charge of the Guadalupe Center last night? How come they did not speak if this was such a major issue to his organization? Oh wait, he probably did not want to get his hands dirty, so he sent out all the poor devoted followers who have nothing better to do & look to him for advice. Dam! They should wake up and get their own smarts. Oops! That might be too complicated to do!

    thepaintman said...

    Apparently Mayor Funk will not back down from his decision. Sometimes a man does not like to be told.
    Maybe it's time to start forgiving and get beyond the hatred. All it's going to do is bring turmoil.

    Anonymous said...

    Legal Hispanic said:

    I guess if anyone is working for the betterment of the city as a whole and not to promote an exclussive club of grants, public money and donations to further personal political power, he or she may be considered a biggot by those whose racial blinders and fanatical inferiority complexes keep them blind to the obvious.

    If Funk was anti hispanic, Fierro would not have any links to city government. At least that is the way larinos have run government on many occasions in which they've been in charge.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Tony:

    Could it be that the whole Semler flap has an origin in the CAN Center, where your mom's friend is the Big Boss Girl of the illegal aliens who day labor out of there?

    Anonymous said...

    to midtown mom im married to an hispanic and her family thinks that the puppet master and rita are out for one thing. rita mouthed off in the star that the mayors office need diversity training i think that rita gang need s the training also. my wife wont assoicate with the west side because of me being white when we visit there almost all the time we get ready to go home and someone has keyed my car or flattened my tires. untill the puppet master and rita learn to get along with the whites and stop being such hypocrites. i admire funkhouser for not bending to pressure from a group of onbodys. so rita keep getting in the star and on tv and making a complete idiot out of yourself and the other honest mexicans that gets along with whites.midtown mom sounds like a pal of ritas. and by the way im not a minuteman. ive fought in view nam with alot of mem from hispanic race and never ever fear them we all got along rita so take your diversity training and put it where the sun dont shine.

    Anonymous said...

    7:42a.m - So, it's true - monkeys can use a computer. Next lesson - learn how to spell and stop thinking and acting like you are so superior to the people who live in the hood. Then they might cut you some slack and stop keying your crate and flattening your tires. Morono!

    Anonymous said...

    is rita really a sought out person who isnt totally against the whites.
    you could have fool me i think the whole bunch of la raza needs diversity training including rita

    Anonymous said...

    Who is the Mayor? I am confused is it Mark or Gloria? Flunk Funk!!