Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's not be nice to Becky Nace . . . In fact, she deserves a lot of bashing

Fired Up Missouri dishes dirt on mayoral candidate Becky "Never say no to a check" Nace and her ties to the nastiest elements in the Show-Me State.

Also, while FUM (heh) is a great page, remember that the site is more political consultant than blogger but clearly they did some deep digging (Awwww right!) in her campaign finance records and didn't like what they found . . . File this one under "friend of my enemy" or something like that . . . From my perspective, it's simply yet another example that women will take money from whatever nasty dude offers it without question . . . And in that statement lies most of my hope for the future.

Here are the highlights:

  • Rex Sinquefield, the voucher king, has given over $1,200 dollars to the Nace for her Mayoral Campaign. He's a Republican and he doesn't like public schools. Which means I halfway agree with him, half of the time.

  • Matt "No baby juice" Bartle also gave her 4 grand.

  • Also Jewell Patek (???????) has given her lots o'money.

  • And then there's some pontificating about what's best for Kansas City from somebody who doesn't live here . . . ala Clay Chastain.

    What can we take from this? Basically, in this non partisan election BECKY NACE IS A REPUBLICAN.

    Not that I care and taking money away from KC's broken, broke ass public schools. It may not be Nace's stance but it's still probably a good idea considering they're just going to WASTE IT anyway. As far as concerns over baby juice (stem cell, embryo, soul, whatever) . . . I think everybody likes the industry that comes with getting the most you can out of fetal tissue and the like but ignores the implications of the practice so that's actually a tough call that I won't waste my time making since nobody in this town should vote for a woman for mayor anyway.

    And that's the real issue: NO WOMEN FOR KC MAYOR. Truly, we can all agree on that Mayor Kay and Queen Kathryn have proven that the ladies need to sit this one out and maybe get me a sammich.


    Anonymous said...

    I got an email from some Democrat that was spreading the Kansas City Star article to everyone and so I put it up on the web site. My comments are that she just needs to give the money back. She really has been on the correct side in many city council issues and even helped some of us beat some of Barnes crazy ideas. I prefer to believe that she has had a moment of bad judgement. I wouldnt vote her in as Mayor and in fact I am working for another candidate but she used to be on the correct side of a lot of issues.

    Playin' the Race Card said...

    I wouldn't vote her in because she is in favor of illegal immigration; since her grandparents were illegal. I could really find no other objectionable points about Becky.

    As for Katheryn, she'll be our next mayor. SAD...but true.

    Anonymous said...

    And you should hurry up and make my burrito, already.

    Anonymous said...

    You're a pig Tony. What do you have against women. You've obviously been hurt by somebody. Get over it and offer better opinions.

    Becky's ex said...

    You're right anonymous. Tony is a pig.

    Here's a better opinion for you. Nace is a dimwitted floozy who can't stay married to one man long enough for dust to gather on the wedding photo.

    How's THAT for a better opinion?

    Becky's ex's current gay lover said...

    You're one to talk pussyfoot.

    Anonymous said...

    Jewell Patek is a major Republican Lobbyist in the state. I think he was even being investigated by the FBI at one point, but am not 100% sure on that.

    Anonymous said...

    Tony's mom is her opponent, of course, but that IN NO WAY has slanted the reporting on this issue.