Monday, January 08, 2007

Kraske provides clear perspective from JoCo

Steve Kraske has said a lot of nice things about this blog and that's cool but as I opened up the paper yesterday I realized exactly why I hate every one and everything associated with this town's leading contributor to the depletion of the rain forest.

Steve Kraske's column almost made me want to kill someone and it's reminiscent of Steve Penn's blunder last year, when he declared the homicide situation in KC solved after an early year slump in murders.

Anyway, here's the headline that is pulled from the ass of the nicest housing division in JoCo:

"There's more to this city than blood and bullets"

The article goes on to bash KCTV5 for their coverage of violence which actually runs second to their in depth reporting about what the locals do with their private parts that runs afoul of the law.

Check out the high brow reporter snobbery as he slams the local hacks who have to go to a crime scene rather than a cocktail party to get their story:

The TV execs are going with the stories that supposedly "sell." And they are the stories that any inexperienced (read: inexpensive) reporter can tell.

But I'm guessing that visitors to our town look at our news and wonder why they've put their lives in danger by visiting this Gotham on the Plains.
This is almost funny coming from The Star considering that they completely misjudged and downplayed the importance that the locals (people who live in KC proper) give to issues regarding violence and crime. And who can blame him? From the suburbs of JoCo, news about KC killings might seem mundane in much the same way that most people only think about troop deaths in Iraq when the hit an impressive round number.

But like it or not, security is a central issue in any situation and Kraske's comments are indicative of the entire JoCo centered editorial board of the The Star as they continue to overlook a problem that impacts every issue of life in KC from government to real estate to culture to neighborhoods but might seem boring to Johnson County readers.


Anonymous said...

You're mising the point, Tony. The so-called news agencies are doing a disservice to their so-called audience by airing a unhealthy diet of car accidents, fires, shootings and sports.

If they cared about anything besides makig money, they would try to do some analysis on WHY we have the crime rate we have, and how it can be fixed.

Of course, I'm assuming that the programing on the local so-called news programs hasn't changed in the two years since I quit watching them.

Anonymous said...

Analysis? You think Tony cares about analysis? He complains about Kraske killing the rainforest but ignores his own malfeasance with regard to educating people about the issues. The racially inspired perjhorative, the gratuitous profanity and the self-serving pontification are simply the same bird in different feathers.

Anonymous said...

Tony's concern for the troops in Iraq are inspired by nothing more than a way to try to symbolicly gore Kraske. How much concern have you shown for our fighting men of late, Tony? Fucking hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

I think Kraske has a good point. KC is a city of about half a million people. Of course there are going to be murders and we have a higher than average murder rate.

But the way the local news makes it sound, the Plaza is the Green zone and the rest of the city is Sadr City.