Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bitch better have my money: Where is my $19 Million?

Great looking out from this reader who sent an interesting e-mail this way. I'm posting the whole thing . . . And I get about two of these thing everyday but this one happens to be pretty well researched and another example that I think everyone in this town wants to slap Kathryn Shields. Enjoy:


Interesting video you should see... again.

Click on the video above to hear Katheryn Shields herself say just 3 weeks ago that she was "leaving the county with a $19 million surplus."

Micheal Mahoney wasn't the only one who heard it. She first made the statement to the Legislature as they were lauding her three terms in office. Then she talked to Mahoney. I think she also made the statement to at least two other reporters, DeAnn Smith and Rhiannon Ross with the Examiner. The video is right there.

...But now she's running around telling everyone who will listen that she's a "scapegoat" and she "warned everyone this would happen". Which is it? She can't have it both ways. Is her point that we should have known WHEN she was telling us the truth, and when she wasn't???

But this isn't new for Shields.

Remember, back in July she put out a press release saying Sanders had raised his office budget 52%. Remember this Aug 3 editorial in the Star?:

"On July 18, Wheeler told The Star Editorial Board that Sanders had boosted his office budget by 52 percent the last four years. However, a week later, Shields acknowledged to me that her staff had made a huge error, and the actual gain was 21 percent. That's higher than the 13 percent increase in the county's budget, excluding bonds, according to Shields.But this slapdash mistake harmed the credibility of the Wheeler camp on what might have been a major issue."

And just last week, another press release from Shields declared an audit exonerated her from all wrongdoing in spending bond funds. But oops, the audit wasn't finished, and the auditor said Monday that Shields answers didn't make any sense -- and now they weren't getting any cooperation. The audit STILL hasn't been released... but Shields' release is still up on the county website declaring victory (dated Dec. 15, 2006)

...Along with the latest misdirection attempt: "County Executive Responds to Budget Deficit".


Note: I don't think anyone bought her misdirection attempt and if anything it only secured the fact that she's THE WORST POLITICIAN IN KANSAS CITY.


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OMG that post was funny! Juxtaposing Chapelle, Rick James, Sanders and Katheryn Shields! My whole office was rolling.

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Now that I'm done cracking my azz up...OMG, Bitch Betta Have My Money! I know you're not a fan of rap, but that cut by AMG is a hip hop classic!