Saturday, November 18, 2006

Carol Coe still crazy

She was one of my favorite people on the City Council and I think that even if she was recently arrested it's good that she's still kicking and still sticking it to the man, the people at the animal shelter, random people on street, the police, the post office, cats, the guy taking orders in the fast food lane etc., etc., etc.


Denny Crane said...

Carol: You probably just totally screwed your chances of getting your law license reinstated.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, it's been like Deja Vu all over again this year.

Charlie Wheeler, Clay Chastain and now Carol Coe all showing up in the headlines like a bunch of floating turds that refuse to be flushd?

What's next? Richard Berkley opening up a chain of Berkley Bodegas? Somebody digging up Ilus Davis?