Friday, June 30, 2006

Tony need sleep

Actually, I'm good but I slept-in today because I was up all night trying to straighten out the bad satellite signal for the porn that I have constantly piped into my mom's basement. I just didn't want anybody to think I was slacking off from this blog too much lately.

More links and lies to come . . .

I should do it like the local news so here are some teasers:

Will your baby die in its sleep tonight? Read TKC later today!

Next on TKC . . . Something inside your house that could be killing you.

Later, Tony will tell you how everyone is getting rich but you.

Kay Barnes . . . The silent killer. Stay tuned to TKC for all the details.

Finally, later on TKC will show you a flying monkey, some broad with huge boobs and traffic on the 9's.

Anyway, I should be posting later on today if that kinda thing is your bag baby.


Emanuel Goldstein said...

Athesists post profusely and profanely at Kansas Citizens for Science.

Come there today for some fun.

Creationsits Chick Tract passers meet at Borders at 6:30 tonight.

(On Metcalf)

The Spark will be speaking. He can refute ANY atheists arguments.

He travels with 200 books and over a thousand tracts everywhere he drives.


scooterj said...

Someone's cukoo for cocoa puffs,

jdoublep said...

here's a real chick tract:

Happy In Bag said...

Tony, you forgot this news tease:

Will this evening's storms tear the roof off your home? Details on TKC in twenty minutes!

Anonymous said...

And don't forget: Will your iced tea kill you?
That's my current favorite...

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »