Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Seven Minute Interview with Mark Forsythe

I learned a lot of things from my interview last with City Council Candidate Mark Forsythe. After the interview I had to look up the definition of "Modified Accrual" but that's okay. The most important thing I learned was that Mark is the best candidate for the job in my opinion. Not only was I impressed with his views regarding infrastructure and the city's budget concerns but also with his intimate knowledge of his district. Also, most you know that he runs his own blog which he designed himself just like most bloggers. He demonstrates all of those things in this video that probably provides more information about a City Council Candidate than any of the TV news stations combined.

Additionally, it was nice to see a leader from KC acknowledge the Internet with something besides scorn. In the interview Mark mentions some of his favorite pages:

KC Soil
Me, My life and infrastructure
KC Development and Skyscrapers Forum

It was good meeting Mark Forsythe and it'll be even better voting for him.

Here's the interview:


Happy In Bag said...

Most impressive.

Certified H8er said...

Very impressive... Let's just hope he sticks with his guns. I hate watching good people turn to politicians.

On a side note, when do I get my interview?

Certified H8er said...

I can break out the 1 and 2's and some cuts for the sountrack. Watch out for the new mix taking over the internet in a week or so.

Ayman said...
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True Redneck said...


heidi said...

I like your foray into video interviews so far, Tony. And nice of Mark to mention my blog....but will he still read when I'm a resident of another state? jk

pomegranate said...

Oh yeah!! I love these interviews!

Mark said...

Heidi as long as you keep relating stories from a pedestrian's point of view, I'll keep reading no matter where you live. Your blog was my first regular read and where I learned about "desire lines".

Bradley Meehan said...

That was really good. Good work, as usual.