Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blogger Backtalk: Why We Blog

Joe Miller is one of the smartest people I know and I've been a fan of his work for quite some time. He was good enough to let me interview him as I get more enamored of this YouTube thing, vidcasting and it's potential.

Joe is an insightful writer and if you aren't reading his blog KC Soil already than you should.

The interview takes place in front of Waldo Pizza and Joe mentions some of his favorite local blogs, righteous criticism of The Star and his take on blogging in KC.

The camera work is a little bit shaky at first but it gets better. I hope you have half as much fun watching this as I did making it.


Ayman said...

i blog because i come with the real on the daily!

Believe dat

Jeff Hirst said...

Great interview Tony, I like the video-blog idea

Happy In Bag said...

That's the coolest thing ever! But were you trying to kill Joe? Why else would you place him in the middle of a parking lot where he's obligated to constantly monitor the traffic?

Irish KC said...

Yes I do like this - and already looking forward to Round 2, where after video interviewing the top 50 local bloggers, you then go back and start again - seeing what blogging developments have occurred since your first interview with them.

Nicely done

Faith said...

I bet you just bought him a pizza, and that's why he kept saying yours and Sheri's sites are his faves.

Or it could be because you guys have a couple of really good blog concepts that everyone digs a good deal. Dammit.

Very cool interview. And I can't wait to see Joe's movie. ;)

Xavier Onassis said...

Oh crap! Now you've gone and ruined my blatantly racist stereotype that you sound just like Cheech Marin.

Seriously, nice job. I'd like to see more interviews with local bloggers. Maybe a weekly or monthly feature.

Here is my wish list:

Death's Door (that would be a hoot)
Gone Mild
Happy in Bag
Planet Rusty
3 O'Clock In The Morning
Whole Wheat Blogger
Any blog with lesbians

I know there are more.

Maybe even a joint interview with Gone Mild and Whole Wheat discussing the migrant situation. You could be the local blogsphere's Tim Russert!

joe said...

Help! Tony's has me tied up in his dingy basement and he's threatening to decapitate me on video if the hit count on his and Sheri's blogs don't top 1,000 uniques by noon Friday.

BTW, that's the first time I've seen myself on video and I haven't felt instant suicidal urges.

pomegranate said...

No way!

George said...

That was very cool! You should do more stuff like that, and not just interviews with local bloggers, either.

~sheri said...

Joe's interview is fantastic, T's voice is almost as sex-ay as he is, and if you listen reallly closely ... you can hear Allie and me loudly chatting in the background! That's funny.

Joe - it's a really unusual day if I get over 15 "unique" visitors to my silly 'blog, and that is juuuust fine! =)

jdoublep said...

this was a fun idea, tony.
and joe, something you said in your interview sparked an idea in me and i hope i can get it out and to the world with the quickness.

The MU Latino said...

Hello-there Ass-Bro-Chips, this clip is My-T Delicioso, but not nearly as delish as your ashhh'N'beans. I'm coming home for Momma's-Day, but don't tell anyone that. I'm going to pretend like I can't make it because it's fun to upset people. Also, I plan to sleep in your bed and chew on your nipples when you're not looking. Okay, all kidding aside, guess what? The big dog, C-Money, Chancellor D-Town didn't fire me afterall, INSTEAD he renewed my contract for another year. I was stunned, but what's he going to do? Fire his only Latino within 200 miles with the ganas to get people talking? I rock, but you rock more. See you soon. Miss your shoes.

"The D" said...

There is no way I am going to belive that was Tony or that Tony was doing that interview. Or that that dude was from anywhere south of the Rio Grande. That dude was from Michigan or at least a northern state.

Nice Job T-bone

Anonymous said...


What got you into blogging? The opportunity to ask inane questions and broadcast inane answers?

Rusty said...

You hit on a great idea there Tony! I'm really suprised that no one had thought to do that yet. But you got to it first, you are the innovator!!!

Hopefully you keep it up. Always cool to put a face and voice to the blog.

Whole Wheat Bagel said...

Sorry, Xavier, not interested.

Anonymous said...

>I'd like to see more jello rassling with local bloggers.

Fxt. Same list as quoted, but with whipped cream too, please.


Xavier Onassis said...

Whole Wheat - not surprised.