Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mayor Kay Sells Out Citizens, Again


Sorry for so little posting today but I literally had to pick myself up off the floor after hearing how badly Mayor Kay is getting ready to screw over Westside residents.

After the City Council and the City Planning Commission have voted against the development at 1601 Jefferson, Mayor Kay is might soon to put forth an initiative that will revive the project in a moderately altered form. Mind you, the proposed development is still a towering monstrosity that will completely screw with the character and residents of the neighborhood but clearly; Mayor Kay has never seen a pricey project that she doesn't like.

This is a slap in the face to downtown KC residents because so many of them have worked to re-zone the Westside to avoid this kind of reckless development. Sadly, Mayor Kay can't help but jump into bed with every developer in town. Like a crazed woman on a shopping spree, Country Club Kay sees something shiny and new and can't help but go after it no matter the consequences to longtime downtown residents.

If you remember, Mayor Kay began her first term promising to strengthen neighborhoods. Now it seems as if developers are the only constituency in which she's interested.

Put simply, if Mayor Kay goes through with endorsing this luxury development, she has sold out the longtime working and middle class citizens of KC. Her plan to change downtown based on luxury housing and high priced stadiums is foolhardy. KC is and always will be a working class cow town, not the isle of Manhattan. While the murder rate and lackluster public education system in this city continue to worsen Mayor Kay is busy selling out this town to the highest bidder and ignoring the unglamorous plight of KC's middle and lower income masses.

An entire neighborhood has voiced their opposition to this project. It's time for Mayor Kay to listen to the longtime residents of her city and not the opportunistic developers whispering in her ear.