Thursday, April 07, 2005

Party all the time

Westport neighbors take their complaints about a rowdy club to The Star.

The Star uncovers some interesting facts about the spot:

The building at 3954 Central has offered nighttime diversions since the 1970s. It has variously been known as Fanny's, Guitars and Cadillacs, the Fallout, the Coliseum, Atlantis and XO. The location's 3 a.m. license dates to the early 1990s at least. In some incarnations the club has reported as much as $139,000 a month in liquor sales.

The club had become an increasing irritant to its neighbors after it became XO in 1999. They complained of unruly behavior, public urination, noise, drugs, trash and traffic.

$139K a month! Who knew that playing bad music and pushing the last legal drug was that profitable? I'm in the wrong business.