Kansas City Meat Vending Machine Reality Not Just Gross T-Shirt Idea

A new bit of local tech that might help save the planet and/or convince more people to eat their veggies.

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“There’s a handful of meat vending machines across the United States,” he continued. “There wasn’t any in Kansas City. And what I’m finding out — and I haven’t confirmed this yet — there’s a reporter from St. Louis that called and he believes that it might be the first-and-only true farm-to-table vending machine in the United States. Because the other vending machines that are doing what I’m doing, they’re meat and poultry shops. They’re not actually raising the cattle, so it’s kind of unique in that regard.”

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Outside a Kansas City coffee shop, a vending machine features cuts of locally raised beef

If a farm-to-table beef vending machine is going to successfully plug into a hungry market, Tim Haer has just the place to meet the challenge, he said. "Kansas City - at one point in time - had the largest stockyard in the nation and we were known as Cowtown USA," noted the startup worker-turned-Green Grass Cattle Company herdsman.