Will North Kansas City Taxpayers Subsidize New Royals Stadium?!?

No, no they won't.

However . . . 

We revisit this story about location, location, location and trickery if only to remind readers that the Kansas City Royals' front office CONTINUES to keep local taxpayers in the dark.

Accordingly, here's another unlikely tidbit from recent news coverage . . .

Among the more intriguing revelations was the team's consideration of a roughly two-by-three block section of North Kansas City, bounded generally by Armour Road and E. 15th Avenue from north to south, and Swift and Howell streets from west to east.

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KC Royals considering 14 potential sites for downtown baseball stadium

The Kansas City Royals' evaluation of prospective sites for a downtown baseball stadium has long been common knowledge, but the extent of the team's research on the real estate side remained a mystery until a few weeks ago.