Show-Me Racist Name Change Demand And Jackson County On Deck

We won't debate history . . . We'll only note that one name change precipitates the next and Jackson County would undoubtedly earn a rebrand if this town named after a Missouri racist gave up its name.

Again, we repeat our TKC compromise . . .


Check-it . . .

"For Taney County to continue celebrating his name is Missouri’s way of celebrating a shameful man who upheld an even more shameful practice. It’s not clear what it takes to initiate a name change under the state constitution, but it should start with the residents of Taney County declaring loudly, especially on this particulary national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., that the current name, like the bust at the nation’s Capitol, must no longer stand."

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Editorial: Why does a Missouri county continue honoring a racist who defended slavery?

In the far southwest corner of Missouri lies tiny Taney County, population 56,300. We would wager that 99% of Missourians know little to nothing about Taney County's history, including how it got its name.