Shatto Stays Winning National Milk Day

Kansas City's most beloved purveyor of lactose earns a loving message in much the same way we respect the work of Brit hottie Gemma.

Here's part of their story . . .

Shatto describes a typical day on the dairy farm: “Our skilled individuals that work with our bovine friends on a daily basis ensure that they are fed the best feed and are taken care of while at the same time ensuring that they get milked the needed amount so they’re comfortable.”

Glass-bottled milk is an icon of American history and a longstanding staple in our nutrition. Shatto Milk Company keeps that history alive right here in our city.

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Shatto Milk's Matt Shatto talks nostalgia, nutrition, and new products for National Milk Day

January 11 is National Milk Day, a holiday that marks the first time milk was delivered to the doors of American homes inside wax-sealed glass bottles in the year 1878. We celebrated National Milk Day by chatting with Matt Shatto, founder and CEO of Shatto Milk Company.