Kansas City Crime Scene: Double Deadly Police Chases Sunday

Another glimpse at the increasingly dangerous metro and the desperate struggle to capture criminals before they spiral out of control and hurt the innocent.

Check TKC news gathering . . . That also includes a few soul-crushing old school stories as well:

Police pursuit involving KCK officers ends in deadly crash

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - A police pursuit that started in Kansas City, Kansas, Sunday morning ended in a deadly car crash in Missouri. Police said pursuit of a white GMC Terrain began in connection with an armed robbery and carjacking early Sunday morning.

One dead, multiple injured in crash after police pursuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to the Kansas City Missouri Police Department, one person is dead, and several are injured after a crash involving a police pursuit Sunday morning. Investigators said that Kansas City, Kansas officers' were in pursuit of a white GMC Terrain in connection with an armed robbery and carjacking.

Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department continues to fight human trafficking with latest initiative

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Monday marks the start of the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department's involvement in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative. This week, officers will offer pamphlets and information about human trafficking awareness, while also completing random commercial vehicle checks.

Lansing prisoner accused of murdering KCK teenager in 2014

LANSING, Kan. - Investigators believe they've solved a murder case that happened nearly a decade ago. The Kansas Bureau of Investigations served an arrest warrant to a prisoner housed in the Lansing Correctional Facility Friday afternoon. The 38-year-old suspect is from the Kansas City metro area.

With A Little Help From My Friends: Former Kansas City Crime Lord Whitey Cox Aided K.C. Mob Figure John Mandacina's Bid For Freedom - The Gangster Report

January 7, 2023 - One-time Kansas City Black mob boss Eddie (Whitey) Cox gets an assist in the freeing of K.C. mafia soldier John Mandacina this week.

Prosecutions unlikely as Kansas Catholic clergy sexual abuse investigation targets 14 suspects

TOPEKA - The Kansas Bureau of Investigation's four-year inquiry into alleged child sexual abuse in four Catholic dioceses and a breakaway Catholic sect in the state resulted in referral of 30 cases to county prosecutors targeting 14 members of the clergy, state officials said Friday. An executiv...

In 1985, This Missouri Teen Vanished After Leaving Her Friend's House One Evening: Then, Years Later, Her Mother Began Receiving Threatening Calls Demanding Money In Exchange For Her Daughter

In 1985, Jody Ledkins of Kansas City, Missouri, was just fourteen-years-old. And unfortunately, the young teen had a rather tumultuous home life. Four years prior, Jody's parents had gotten divorced. Then, shortly afterward, her mother, Karen, remarried- but it did not take long for that union to end as well.

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