Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes 'Turned To Prayer' Amid Sprained Ankle

Just a bit of Sunday inspiration following playoff victory.

Don't misinterpret any hateration from the meme sacrilege . . . This is actually kind of a nice story and much more uplifting than your 2nd least favorite blogger screaming out curses into the void of the Universe every time I get a toothache.

Thus spoke the baller . . .

"Mahomes admitted he was pretty nervous, and he turned to prayer as he went through the X-rays. Meanwhile, Henne wrapped up the half as the athletic training staff confirmed his tests were negative. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport later reported no fracture but a high-ankle sprain. ESPN’s Adam Schefter added Mahomes would undergo an MRI sometime soon."

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What the Chiefs are saying about Patrick Mahomes' injured ankle

The Kansas City Chiefs won their Divisional Round game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday afternoon despite an injury scare to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Midway through the first quarter, Mahomes' right ankle was bent sideways between two Jaguars players. Mahomes initially stayed in the game before exiting and heading to the locker room for X-rays.