Greedy Kansas City Royals Transform Into Major League Villains

Credit to this local sports scribe for dredging up one of our favorite 80s movies in order to make a valid point. 

The crux of the argument . . .

Kansas City Royals fans are FINALLY starting to suspect the front office of double talk and a focus on earning a new stadium and more revenue rather than any consideration for their supporters. 

Check the litany of recent abuses . . .

"They’ve refused to pay fan-favorite Zack Greinke the salary it would require to bring him back and replaced him with a pair of particularly uninspiring pitchers with little upside in Jordan Lyles and Ryan Yarbrough. They canceled the annual Fan Fest which saw members of the team bus around the broadcast area to meet and greet with fans and replaced it with a one-day event that only fans near Kauffman Stadium can attend. They placed an emphasis on building a new stadium - complete with related real-estate development so the ownership can further line their own pockets, regardless of the quality of the team - and have lied and otherwise attempted to intentionally mislead fans as to how the new stadium might just be a great bargain for them."

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The Royals are becoming villains

We all know the story, by now. A new owner takes over the team. They're unhappy with the team's current location and completely uninvested in the team's success. The GM is allowed only to sign has-beens and never-will-bes. The manager has no proven experience. The catcher is getting up there.