Kansas City Teacher Fired & Racist 'N-Word Policy' Endorsed?!?

To start out . . . 

We aren't going to stand up for some silly-ass teacher trying to make a lame point about the use of the N-word in the classroom. 

Of course that kind of behavior is completely unprofessional. 

Still, the hot mess was played up for a great deal of drama and council lady Melissa Robinson earned a valuable soap box ahead of election season regarding an issue wherein most reasonable people agree. 

Advocacy against the N-word in the classroom is neither bold nor groundbreaking.

Then again . . . Let's talk about applying new rules fairly across the board . . .

"A coalition of local civil rights groups want the principal terminated and the superintendent sanctioned because students say their complaints were ignored, and that they were emotionally distressed by the slow action of school leadership."

Now . . .

The knee-jerk reactionary thing to do here is to dismiss these concerns in a huff. 

Thing of it is . . . 

Most reasonable people agree that the "N-word" is a hurtful and unacceptable slur. And if we're SERIOUS about curbing usage of the term . . . Then, in fact, rules regarding hateful language must be enforced across the board and should also apply to students form every demographic. Protesting students should be encouraged to adopt the idealistic policies for which they advocate.

Ironically, this is a similar idea that the fired teacher expressed . . . But it's also the basics of sentiments that community leaders want to impose as well. 

However . . . 

Applying rules only to teachers is hypocritical . . .

A fair & just law applies to everyone equally. 

And so . . . 

What we must guard against is brazen leaders and ad hoc group therapy sessions devising rules for me and not for thee . . .  

Just as the N-word is a hateful slur that's inappropriate for teachers, the same idea should apply to students and some form of disciplinary policy should reflect as much. 

And that's where this fanciful idea falls apart. 

Painful as it may be . . . Pop culture and even a small sampling of movies, music & standup comedy betray any REAL objection to such a hateful slur. 

Like it or not . . . The word is commonplace. 

Instead . . . 

What we're witnessing is a powerful urban ethnographic lesson wherein so-called "leaders" are eager to endorse rules predicated on racial identity. 

Translation: We all know that this controversy is mostly an overly dramatic effort to craft policy predicated by racial identity.  That's a dangerous idea EVEN IF we still agree that the N-word is unprofessional and completely inappropriate for classroom conversations.

It's unfortunate that this kind of tacitly racist ideology is accepted casually.

However . . .There is hope. 

In fact, we know there are MANY, MANY people within urban communities who DO NOT support cavalier use of the N-word even in causal settings or to flavor the language amongst close company. Unfortunately, this viewpoint is typically silent in these discussions and will often demure from conversations wherein the real objective is to consolidate power and display political standing. 

And so . . . Knowing that this is just a small town blog  . . . Nevertheless . . . We challenge both suburban and urban readers to reject the schizophrenic idea that the use of the N-word is acceptable IN ANY CONTEXT

Again . . . The important part here is that MOST PEOPLE AGREE THE N-WORD SHOULD BE CONDEMNED.  

Furthermore, we contend that objections to hateful slurs should be sanctioned and tolerated by NO ONE. 

Excluding, of course, the hilarious early work of Dave Chappelle .  . .

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