Clay Chastain Shares Low Tax Voting Guide AND Surprisingly Backs Local Police Control

Given that, as of this writing, he's the only dude to challenge Mayor Q . . . We thought his perspective on voting was important. 

After reading . . . We were surprised to find a bit of progressive nuance . . .

Check-it . . .

Elected leaders, even potential ones like Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain, should take a position on major local ballot issues. Thus, Chastain asks voters to join him Tuesday in voting No on Amendment #4, No on the City's Go Bonds and not to support the renewal of the City's Earnings Tax when it comes up for a future vote.

No on Amendment #4: Local control is always best because not only is local control more efficient and there's more accountability, but also because KC knows better than the State what its policing needs are.  Though well meaning, and though I support fully funding the KCPD, the State has no business trying to dictate to KC what % of our budget should go toward funding our police force. Furthermore, I support local control of Kansas City's police department for the same above reasons.

No on Go Bonds: Bonds are a disguised tax increase because it is borrowing that must be repaid. And with KC already straddled with $5 billion in deferred maintenance (alone), does anyone think the City will have the money to ever retire these bonds without another tax increase? KC is already ranked 7th highest in taxes in America. And furthermore, I do not support further taxing local residents to subsidize housing. Not only is there a federal program for that, Chastain will soon unveil a far better way to provide affordable housing (via the free market place) that does require a direct subsidy from (overly tax-burdened) local taxpayers.

No on (future) City Earnings Tax: We must ax this sorry tax rapido. The E Tax not only hurts the working poor the most, but also discourages residential and business growth in Kansas City, and perhaps even tourism.  Clay Chastain has a plan to grow the City, its economy and its tax base to more than make up for the revenues now produced by an oppressive regressive form of taxation.

As Mayor I will pledge No New Taxes, No New Bonds and the elimination of the City's E Tax.


Clay Chastain