Recreational Marijuana Amendment Guide: Show-Me Where To Smoke Weed In KCMO

Not-so-controversial legislation is heavily favored in the polls and will soon marginally change life in Kansas City. 

Reality check . . . Walk by any house in Midtown and notice a great deal of weed stank wafting through the air.

Still, here's a mainstream peek at the rules . . . And a reminder that laws change . . .

If Amendment 3 passes, smoking weed would be prohibited wherever smoking tobacco is prohibited, according to the amendment.

It would be illegal to smoke while driving or to smoke inside any operating motor vehicle, including trains, aircraft and motor boats.

Marijuana users would also not be able to consume or possess marijuana on the grounds of any public or private schools (that’s preschool through higher education), or on the grounds of a correctional facility.

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Will you be able to smoke weed in public if Missouri votes to legalize marijuana?

There are still a lot of questions circling around what will happen if Missouri voters choose to legalize recreational marijuana in November. The Star is working to answer reader's questions and sort through any confusion. Reader Lindsay Wood reached out to The Star to ask how the amendment would impact laws related to smoking in public spaces.