Kansas City Star Readers Demand Legislator Theresa Galvin Disavow Former Prez Trump

After a surprise endorsement this week . . . The last remaining dead-tree loyalists demand their pound of flesh.

Luckily . . .

Jackson County voters might be more interested in property taxes than talk show politics.

Still . . . Here's the printed treatise demanding submission . . .

"On further reflection, one question came to mind: I noted that Ms. Galvin is a Republican. Therefore, I need to know if she believes that Joseph Biden was a fairly and freely elected president."

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For Theresa Galvin to lead Jackson County, voters need her stance on Trump's Big Lie

OPINION AND COMMENTARY After recently reading that several major newspaper chains were stopping the policy of endorsing candidates in elections, I read with pleasure Michael Lindenberger's recent column assuring readers that The Star is going to continue to endorse a variety of candidates for public office. (Oct.