Fact Check: Ur Phone Is Probably Lying About Voting Locations

A bit of election trickery worth myth busting after a bevy of social media posts on the topic over the weekend . . .

In a statement Monday morning, Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab urged voters to confirm their polling place through the Secretary of State’s website.

“The Secretary of State’s office does not use third parties to contact voters or share election information on our behalf.” Schwab said. “State and local election officials are the trusted sources for election information.”

The texts themselves, sent from a group called Voting Futures, included voters' real home addresses and the address of an incorrect polling location.

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Misleading texts are steering Kansas voters to the wrong polling places. It's a nationwide problem

Voters across the country reported getting text messages directing them to vote at incorrect polling locations. At least one organization says the errors were related to a database issue, but experts warn the mistake could affect voter turnout on Election Day.