Look At Kansas City Northland Blue Hills Mansion Most People Couldn't EVER Afford

Quick peek at real estate pr0n for the midday to satisfy our curiosity and to add to our list of places to our shopping list when the class-war revolution and/or nuclear Armageddon arrives and we need to scavenge.

Take a peek at accents and design decisions that might also help spruce up the hovels of TKC readers: 

"A mix of high and low pieces, such as a bamboo side table she picked up on a whim from Tuesday Morning to custom-made pillows from decorator haven Nell Hills in the Northland, were used to create a space that looks clean and new yet also cultivated over time."

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Designer Maureen Lindstrom gives new life to a home in Blue Hills Estates

As a little girl, designer Maureen Lindstrom would switch out the pillows and comforter on her bed as often as she could. "I was always redecorating my room," Lindstrom says. "I always wanted to try something new."