Kansas City Art Institute Cracks Down On Free Speech Again: Safe Space Stifles Creativity?!?

To be fair . . . These rules are mostly to protect trust fund babies from each other and probably work effectively. 

Meanwhile . . . The institution remains one of the worst values in higher education and hasn't been relevant since they booted Thomas Hart Benton because he was a bit of a cad with lady students and an allegedly a bit homophobic . . . Which was pretty standard for his time. 

And so . . . 

Here's a peek at criticism of a safe space . . .

KCAI’s new policy attempts to give the school the authority to punish speech based on the subjective belief that it inflicts “distress on others,” whether that is intentional or not. Some people may find certain speech distressing while others think it must be expressed — that’s the point of free speech . . . It appears KCAI’s policy change seeks to create more space to punish students for their speech. If, however, this was KCAI’s attempt to improve its policy to prevent further censorship in the future, there are much better ways to fix this problem.

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Kansas City Art Institute further restricts students' speech rights following free speech controversy

After facing criticism for expelling a student over controversial art featured on the student's social media account, Kansas City Art Institute has further limited students' free speech rights by revising its social media policy to prohibit large swaths of protected expression that could make others uncomfortable.