KU Med Confronts Questions Over Unvaxxed Kansas City Royals Sponsorship

Once again we OFFER THANKS TO OUR AWESOME BLOG COMMUNITY for getting to the heart of a local controversy and finding the important questions.

Accordingly . . . Check citizen journalism asking questions that local reporters haven't thought of yet:

Hey TKC, 

The most interesting thing about this is KUMED is a Royals sponsor, yet no media has asked KUMED for a comment.


A quote & link to confirm this marvelous thesis and inconvenient fact . . . 

"The Royals trust The University of Kansas Health System because they know we are committed to providing the best care in the game."

Apparently, they don't trust their vaxx advice.

Moreover . . . 

It seems that dire warnings to the public are just a bit less credible when the medical juggernaut doesn't have much influence over their media partners.

You decide . . .