Kansas City Westport Mass Shooting Reaction, You Guessed It: RACIST!!!

The Kansas City background chatter in the aftermath of deadly Westport gunfire has been racially charged and exceptionally divisive.

Just for laughs we consider this perspective which also plays the blame game and might be ignoring so many local calls for a midtown party district crackdown.

Here's the hot take . . .

"Why is it that when Black establishments get shot up, everyone calls for it to be shut down immediately and also go directly at the owner, yet such demands have never been made of white establishments like Westport?

"Is it because Westport is part of the deep rooted racism, and white supremacy in our city that desperately wants to see any type of black entrepreneurship/ownership fail, and all forms of white economy flourish?"

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Racism or Something Else? Why People Call to Shut Down 18th & Vine But Not Westport Following Shootings

As the community continues to recover from the tragic mass shooting which took place at Ale House on Sunday evening, many community members are already discussing the difference in media coverage and broader response when gun violence takes place in white KC establishments (Westport) vs. Black-owned establishments like 18th & Vine and others.

Just for balance and a glimpse at the real world . . . Here's a more hopeful link . . .

Man killed in Westport Ale House shooting died defending others, family says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The family of a man killed on Sunday night said he died while defending others. Cardell Crawford, 24, was killed this weekend when a big fight erupted from Westport Ale House and spilled onto Broadway. Crawford, who was identified by police on Tuesday, was one of six people shot in that incident.

You decide . . .