Kansas City Talker Dana Wright Decries Rampant Moving Scams After Parents Suffer

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Credit to this local media player for raising awareness on a crime/ransom tactic that's often unreported.

Here's part of the story . . .

Late last month, her parents Craig and Linda Wright hired movers to pack up all their belongings from a North Topeka storage unit into a 26-foot U-Haul trailer. The movers set out—ostensibly—to the elder Wright’s new home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Then the movers went MIA—along with nearly 50 years of memories, personal effects, furniture, electronics, and other sundry items. It’s nearly a month to the day, and the movers still haven’t shown up. Now Dana Wright is on a quest to find a man who identified himself as “Jean St. Felix,” the apparent owner of JM Moving Company.

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Hell hath no fury like KMBZ Radio's Dana Wright after an alleged moving scam

Courtesy Dana Wright Popular local radio talk show host Dana Wright is on a social media rampage. For the past few days, the former KCTV5 investigative reporter turned co-host of KMBZ 98.1's Dana & Parks has been cluing readers in on an ongoing saga.