Kansas City Hipsters Pretend To Fight Higher Gas Prices With Lame E-Bikes

On the bright side . . . 

If this dude ever shares his formula for generating power by way of white guilt . . . He might solve the nation's energy crisis single-handedly.

Here's his solution that your wife hates and won't help your granny . . .

Traveling at speeds of up to 20mph, Mott and his three daughters will ride to school, the store and even the dentist several miles away, but the shift to cycling didn't happen overnight.

Now Mott is on a mission to get more Kansas Citians to strap on their helmets, adding the benefits out way any potential cost.

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GAS FREE: KC man embraces e-bikes amid pain at the pump

It's a beautiful morning in Kansas City, Missouri and Ryan Mott is getting his daughters ready for school. "I am privileged enough to say I don't know what the gas price is right now," said Mott. For the Mott family, cycling the streets of Midtown has become common place, regardless of the time or weather.