Same Old Song: Kansas City Jazz Museum Plays Taxpayers For Another $650K

Sadly, there is, in fact, a consequence of living in a town without a real newspaper . . .

There's NOBODY watching city hall. 

We do our best to try to keep up but . . . TKC IS JUST A FUN LOVING BLOG.

Meanwhile, it looks like the good times continue at the Jazz District despite 100 MILLION INVESTED BY KANSAS CITY TAXPAYERS without any viable biz model. 

Check the latest bill that you're picking up .  . .

Ordinance #220423: "Authorizing the Manager of Procurement Services Department to execute an $650,000.00 annual contract amendment to the Management Agreement and Lease with the American Jazz Museum, Inc. for management and operations of the 18th and Vine Project; and authorizing the Manager of Procurement Services to extend the contract for one year and amend the Agreement and Lease without additional council authorization."

Developing . . .