Kansas City Star Seyz Sen. Hawley Must 'Desist' Using Image Of Himself

In a hyper-partisan screed from the newspaper this morning . . . Here's what we really learned:

The Star understands that a good joke is more powerful than so much culture war progressive advocacy that has been essentially humorless and unconvincing given that polling numbers reveal American voters are already turning on Prez Biden.

And so . . .

Newspaper scribes reveal all they don't understand about law . . . Here's their argument . . .

"Because the commercial sale of products for political fundraising does not appear to be one of the U.S. Copyright Office’s accepted fair use purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research,” nor does the manufacture and sale of these types of products appear to be a form of “speech” protected by the First Amendment, it would be wise to desist from hawking them now."

Consider . . .

The copyrighted image they're referring to IS NOT on the mug. Instead, the senator's merch is adorned by A DIGITAL DRAWING, a representation of the politico. The defiant raised fist and controversial pose is NOT under copyright claim. 

Moreover . . . Agree or not, the message of the image is, in fact, a comment & criticism of the Senator's progressive opponents. 

At its core, this is a political message and is, in fact, constitutionally protected against corporate ownership. 

The claim against Senator Hawley is weak . . . And what's worse is that progressive critics are showing a dangerous lack of self-awareness and support for strict corporatism over the right of self expression.

Instead, they're offering even more publicity and serving up another dose of "liberal tears" to a politico who remains defiant against claims that his support of Prez Trump would damage his reputation . . . Like it or not, he continues to benefit from MAGA loyalty.

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Josh Hawley is blatantly stealing this American photographer's work for campaign cash

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Dear Sen. Josh Hawley: Just stop. Stop merchandising a widely published photo taken before the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, showing you clenching your fist in support of the mob.