Kansas City Hipsters Hope To Keep Unpopular 'Latinx' Term Alive

As we've noted over and over . . .

Latinos don't really like like the Latinx moniker because it's something that an effete East Coast white lady college professor invented. 

Fun fact . . . This silly term is part of the reason why there's a growing number of Latino conservatives who surprised pollsters and proclaimed their love for Prez Trump.

Nevertheless . . . We check this passage of a local dude struggling to use the term seriously:

That’s why Edgar Palacios started the nonprofit Latinx Education Collaborative. After working with local educators as a consultant with the Kauffman Foundation in 2016, he saw the effect our city’s cultural divide was having on Latinx educators—in some cases, driving them out of the profession entirely.

In the metro area, only about 1% of educators identify as Latinx, but the number of Latinx students is significantly higher, and growing.

“For every Latino teacher, there are 200 Latino students in the [educational] system,” Palacios says. “Latino students are rarely going to encounter a Latino teacher along their educational journey. We know that when they see themselves reflected in their teachers, they’re going to have better educational outcomes.”

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KC Cares: Latinx Education Collaborative

Civic leaders, board members and staff members cut the ribbon during the grand opening event for the Latinx Education Collaborative's new office space in Kansas City. // Photo by Beth Lipoff Being a teacher isn't easy. When you're the only Latinx person working in a school, chances are you're dealing with more strenuous responsibilities than just serving as an educator....