Kansas City Earth Day 2022: Save The Planet Or Just Let It Burn?!?

I always have a problem with Earth Day because everything about it is so cliché . . . Even the overblown criticism.

Every now and then there's an enjoyable bloggy comment from a former military dude who cites the communist origins of the holiday as if he were protecting our precious bodily fluids from suffering the fate of endured by the world's fastest growing economy.  We enjoy that comment and appreciate any and all wasted effort. 

This year . . . Here's all that we can offer:

Kansas City environmentalists claim that we've only got ten years to save the planet. If that's correct we can confidently proclaim that we're all doomed. We've seen our activist saviors and most of them couldn't rescue themselves from skinny jeans. And so, we can only look forward to being entertained by the breathless and hopelessly partisan confutation of middle-class white people on our way out. For better or worse, their debate will distract us from the not-so-troubling fact that all life in the universe is destined to fade as the last supernova will eventually suffer "heat death" and all of the cosmos rendered blissfully dark. Again, the destiny of everything shouldn't evoke fear because we don't think of it as an absence of light but a BEAUTIFUL NOTHING wherein all of 'creation' from the greatest triumphs to the worst atrocities and all of the indignities in-between will be, at long last, equally void.

And with that big picture perspective backed up by empirical data we encourage close readers not to be an emo-hipster about it all given that it's a time honored tradition to poke fun at ANYONE who mistakenly attempts to control the fate of the Earth . . .

Meanwhile, we share some informative hyper-local Earth Day news links . . .

We Are the Earth

Spring has sprung at our little farm and the goats in the pasture are once again grazing the verdant new growth in the field. The greenhouse is filled with starter plants; tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers, soon to be sold or transplanted to the garden. A new cycle begins.

Kansas City vs. climate change

Climate Action KC is a nonprofit regional collaborative that connects more than 100 local and state elected officials with community leaders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote public health and improve the quality of life across the Kansas City region. But not everyone is on board.

Kansas City wants to move away from fossil fuels. Here's what Spire and Evergy say

Spire and Evergy, the two largest private utility monopolies in Kansas City, have some reservations about the city's forthcoming climate action plan. The companies each submitted comments privately to the city's Office of Environmental Quality in recent weeks.

Remember This? Ecology Flag

By Dori Partain Creation of the Ecology Flag, the official flag for Earth Day, was truly a grassroots effort. The ecology symbol, often referred to as the Theta symbol for its resemblance to the Greek letter, was created by artist Ron Cobb (1937-2020) as a political cartoon that was published in the Los Angeles Free Press on November 7, 1969.

Earth Day 2022: Green initiatives at KCI's new terminal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When passengers fly out of the new terminal at Kansas City, Missouri, International Airport, they'll have a much more "green" experience. The city's deputy director of aviation, Justin Meyer, walked KSHB 41 News through some of the initiatives which might slip under a traveler's radar.

How to correctly recycle glass in the Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - What can and cannot be recycled in your curbside recycling bin might surprise you. Most of us can't put glass in our curbside bins. While Kansas City, Missouri, is one of several local areas that lists glass as one of the items you should not put in your bin, there is a place where you can send your glass to be recycled and reused.

Cultivate KC celebrates Earth Day with day of service at Westport Commons Farm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Cultivate KC and volunteers are happy the sun is out on Earth Day. "We're just trenching out the rows for the future garden," said Jamel Monger with Henderson Engineering. Monger spent his Friday volunteering with the company at Westport Commons Farm as part of Cultivate KC's day of service for Earth Day 2022.

'Ten years to save the planet': Kansas City metro's small-town mayors take up the climate fight

The mayor of Smithville, Missouri, walks nearly everywhere. To the nearby elementary school with his daughter. To City Hall. To the new downtown coffee shop that doubles as a community theater at night. To the downtown food coop that serves seniors and school kids, and also operates as Smithville's first farmer's market.

Our hopeful outro bloggy reference about the world for any poor soul hopeful enough to have made it this far . . .

You decide . . .