As always, we share the big picture and a glimpse at how global news impacts us at the cowtown level.

Whilst we don't partake in conspiracy shenanigans . . . Even the most skeptical denizens of the discourse MIGHT find some kind of totally coincidental observation in the timing of the pandemic's end. 


Many people lived as if there wasn't any pandemic at all and never obeyed the rules or dress codes. Some tried that strategy and are now underground . . . Pushing up daisies and not in a cool secret agent capacity. 

Still, our goal is to simply share relevant resources and let readers make up their own minds. 

And so we highlight this passage from a recent report . . .

From the government's point of view (in both Missouri & Kansas) COVID numbers will be released weekly instead of daily, vaccines and tests will only continue as long as federal resources persist and contact tracing will now only be encouraged for vulnerable populations.

Many also have thoughts on what endemic means for them.

"We're finally over this whole deal with COVID, right? Which is phenomenal," Samantha Rydgig surmised.

But doctors at the University of Kansas Health System said not so fast.

"I think the most important thing is to understand the virus is still out there. Yes, cases are going down, deaths are going down, but the virus is still circulating. You as an individual, family, community have to understand that and be thoughtful about those things you are doing," Dr. Dana Hawkinson said.

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April 1 marks COVID pandemic end in Missouri, Kansas: Now what?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The pandemic and COVID crisis is now officially over in both Kansas and Missouri. Both state's governors have declared it an endemic starting April 1. But what does that mean? At Up Down on Friday, things looked much like they did before the pandemic.

You decide . . .