Show-Me 'Students First' Initiative Helps Parents Narc On 'Woke' Teachers

Of course parents should closely guard the instruction of their students . . . On the other hand, American public schools are turning into a politicized joke where very little "learning" is accomplished.

In that respect, this bit of culture war & election season gamesmanship won't make things much better:

Missouri’s Attorney General launched a portal for parents to report “objectionable curriculum.”

“Parents have every right to know exactly what is being taught to their kids when they go to school every day. For too long, our schools have stonewalled parents and resisted transparency when it comes to curriculum, policies, and practices,” Schmitt said in a news release. My office will work directly with parents to bring to light curriculum and practices that prioritize injecting politics into the classroom. Together with parents across the state, we can put an end to these woke policies and lesson plans and ensure that our children are receiving the best possible education.”

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Missouri AG wants parents to report 'woke' lesson plans

ST. LOUIS-On the same day that the Senate Education Committee heard testimony on several bills that would ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other areas of study that are considered "divisive" and would also require school districts to place curriculum, teaching materials and other information online for the public, Missouri's Attorney General launched [...]