Brutal Meth Town 'Walking While Black' Police Beat Down Alleged

A note from Kansas City's 2nd favorite blog claims a local dude was the victim of brutal police discrimination.

Here's their story .  . .

There’s photos of him being arrested and beaten by police, of him lying in a hospital bed and close ups of wounds he says he suffered at the hands of police. Next to those are photos of his son, his mother, his sister and other family with the words: “My life matters.”

They tell “The Justin Layton Story,” he said during an interview this week.

“That’s a story of police brutality, ‘jaywalking,’ ‘Walking while Black,’ discrimination and excessive force,” he said. “You mix it all together and you got the Independence Police Department.”

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Kansas City man claims video shows Independence police violated his civil rights

37-year-old Justin Layton sued Independence police for violating his civil rights by using excessive force in a 2008 arrest caught on police dash cameras.