KK Questions Fauci Comeback

Our 2nd favorite local sports talker offers a bit of insight on a recent reassurance . . . Of a controversial public health bureaucrat.

Here's his hot take and our favorite part of his morning show . . .

"After conservatives started pointing out Covid is over and Fauci has disappeared, the media have thrown him a life jacket and propped him back up.  What a joke."

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KU is New Fave, Tang to KSU, Gates to MU, Fauci Reappears, Celebs Love Putin

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Health experts predict uptick in U.S. Covid cases due to new BA.2 variant

U.S. health experts are warning an emerging, highly contagious Covid omicron variant, called BA.2, could soon lead to another uptick in domestic coronavirus cases. White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said BA.2 is about 50% to 60% more transmissible than omicron, but it does not appear to be more severe.

Dr. Fauci says uptick in COVID cases likely following rise in Europe, warns 'this virus has fooled us before'

The BA.2 subvariant of the omicron variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 will probably cause an uptick in U.S. cases similar to the one currently occurring in Europe, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser.

Fauci denies retirement rumors as long as COVID pandemic is in place

Dr Anthony Fauci, 81, said that he isn't going anywhere as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is around in response to his own hint made 24 hours earlier 'I want to make sure we're really out of this before I really seriously consider doing anything different,' he said on ABC's This Week.

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